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When someone you love is grieving the loss of someone they love, it can be challenging to know what to say or do. Finding the right words is meaningful. But in these situations, sending the card means the most.

You want to find a convenient and compassionate way to express your sympathy, so we're sharing our top tips for what to write, which cards to send, and when to send them.

Lovepop condolence cards offer the opportunity to select, schedule & send a beautiful pop-up sympathy card or flowers to someone grieving. 

Send Condolences Card: What to Write? 

What should you write when you send a condolence card? What does it mean to express your condolences?

Condolences are messages of sympathy and often remembrance. There are different messages to share, from simple words of comfort to personal notes of appreciation for the family member who has passed on. For example, "Your grandmother was a remarkable person in our lives. We will miss her, and we're so sorry for your loss." 

You could also offer to help or even send a follow-up card again after a month or two to let them know you're still thinking of them. 

You may still be at a loss for the right words. That's okay! This article contains detailed messages for sharing inside a Lovepop sympathy or condolence card.

Explore Lovepop's Sympathy Cards Collection 

Lovepop's sympathy cards express various messages so that you can find an appropriate card for the situation. Beautiful blank cards are also a fantastic option because you can personalize your message and say precisely what you want to. Some of our favorite selections include: 

cherry blossom and cardinal condolence gift

Send Condolence Flowers with Lovepop 

Sending condolence flowers is common for funerals and after losing a loved one. Here are a few tips for sending condolence flowers from Lovepop.

When to Send a Condolence Card and Flowers 

Speaking of sending them, you may be wondering when the best time is to send condolence cards or flowers. You don't have to send one immediately, but you should send one within 2-4 weeks. They are typically sent to the widow(er), eldest child, or a parent. 

It means a lot to the bereaved family or friends that you're still thinking of them, even a few weeks later. So, please don't feel like you have to send something immediately—unless you're sending an arrangement to the funeral home. But also try to remember to send sympathy flowers and cards in a timely fashion. 

When is it Too Late to Send Condolences? 

Standard etiquette rules say to send a sympathy card or flowers within two weeks after losing a loved one. However, if you send it within a month, it may be nice for the family to know you are still thinking of them. 

If you found out about the death too late to send condolences within a month, that's okay. You can still send a card or flowers and let the family know that you just heard about the loss of their loved one and you're sending all of your love and sincerest condolences. 

Scheduling Your Condolences Delivery 

You want to remember to send condolence flowers or a condolence card. Scheduling your delivery is the most convenient way to choose when you'd like the card to arrive and put it out of your hands—and your mind.

Life is busy, and there are so many things to remember. We can help you select and send a beautiful, meaningful sympathy card or a pop-up flower bouquet that won't fade in a few days.

Your compassionate expression of love makes all the difference in the world for someone who is grieving. Sharing Lovepop can provide comfort and connection when someone special is going through a difficult time.

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Share your sympathy and compassion with a grieving friend by scheduling your Lovepop delivery today. We’re sending you our love as you share yours. 

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