Pets of Lovepop: #Lovepups

Pets of Lovepop: #Lovepups

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While these times of isolation and social distancing may be extremely tough for us, our pets are having the time of their lives! All of a sudden their humans are home all-day every-day, giving them all kinds of love and attention.
We have a lot of animals in our Lovepop family and we're constantly sharing pictures of the funny things they do. Since our furry friends have continued to put a smile on our faces during these difficult times, we figured we'd share their cuteness with you, too.
For the first edition of #PetsOfLovepop, we will be highlighting some of our #Lovepups. 
pets of lovepop
🐶 Miller loves to play with at least 15 different toys every day. He whines anytime he sees
a puppy outside of the window and can't go up to say hi to them.
pets of lovepop

🐶 This is Jasper. He likes treats, chasing squirrels, and posing with his favorite Lovepop cards.

pets of lovepop
🐶 Voodoo loves playing frisbee and has never met a human who isn't her
new best friend. Despite her salt and pepper fur, she's only 5 years old!
pets of lovepop
🐶 This is Blue. She's an avid chaser of squirrels and destroyer of plush toys.
She loves to run around the yard and wiggle on her back in the sun.

pets of lovepop
🐶 Lily drools at the sight of any kind of food (even if it's a paper Lovepop turkey). She's extra
snuggly and loves playing fetch despite not always bringing the ball back.

pets of lovepop
🐶 This is Charlie. He loves to play, snuggle, and his favorite song is "Who let the dogs out?"

pets of lovepop
🐶 Brother Love is in the front and Miss Beulah Moonbeam is in the back. They are both
sweet shy rescues that love belly rubs, pizza crusts, and runs on the beach.
pets of lovepop
🐶 This is Harvey! He loves to keep an eye on the neighborhood, chew
on bones and sit on laps. He is our very sweet guard dog!

pets of lovepop
🐶 Sally is our bright burst of sunshine! When she isn't busy hiking in the woods and
climbing big rocks, she can be found upside down, grumbling in her sleep.

pets of lovepop
🐶 This is Brady. He loves to run, jump and play! He is a very goofy pup and loves to make us laugh.
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I just love your pets dogs,cats and horses!!!!!


What beautiful pictures. Your fur babies looked well loved and we are grateful you shared their sunshine with us. Thank you.

Nadine C. Werkman

I have 3 Boston pups. I loved all the pics and comments with ur dogs! I’m a surgery nurse too. We are working only emergencies now but still busy. God bless y’all! I love ur creations!


Now that was a fun viewing! Thanks.

Karen Sharrock

So glad to find it pet cards. Ad of now. We don’thave one but hopefully soon.i have always have had one. Soon. I will have a rescue dog so thanks for ur pictures

Marinan Brewer

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