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There are so many occasions to share congratulations with others and oh-so-many ways to do so. From welcoming a new baby to wedding congratulations cards, your message makes a card feel extra special. 

Funny congratulations cards, or congratulations cards for promotions, are other popular ways we've found that many people like to say congrats. Oh, and congratulations on your new home cards, too! 

Think of the difference between receiving a card with someone's name simply signed versus a card with a few handwritten sentences and a gift card. It's the care & thought behind the personalization that matters most. 

Why Send Personalized Congratulations Cards?

When those you care about experience significant milestones, sending custom congratulations cards can strengthen your relationship with them and create meaningful memories. 

Many of life's most outstanding achievements feel even sweeter when the ones we love celebrate with us. When your new baby is born, you close on your first house, get promoted to a new job, graduate from college, or get married; the event itself is exciting. But your joy is compounded by the pride, love, celebration, and appreciation of others. By their thoughtful words and kind gestures.

Personalized congratulations cards convey all those emotions to the ones you want to celebrate, spreading love and joy during one of their most meaningful moments. That's why it's so important to make sure to send them! 

Personalize Your Congratulations Cards with Lovepop:

Whether you write a funny message, share a quote they love, or pour your heart into writing a thoughtful message, there's always a chance that your congratulations card will become a meaningful keepsake. 

Think of the greeting cards you have kept from others. What made them so special, and how can your message, photo, or gift make someone else feel the same way? 

Customizing Cards with Names, Photos, and Messages

Lovepop offers personalized congratulations cards that can be customized, scheduled, and sent with a message, photo, or gift card of your choosing.

When you find a unique & adorable pop-up congratulations card you love, select the option to Personalize & Send if you'd like to personalize it and schedule it to be sent to the recipient directly. 

Effortless Personalization: A Simple and User-Friendly Platform

Our website's step-by-step platform makes it easy to personalize a card; you can even schedule its arrival. We will print and mail it for you! 

Browse All Congratulations Cards

Suppose you want to remember to send wedding congratulations cards, congratulations cards for promotion, or any other congratulations by a specific date. In that case, you can schedule them for delivery in advance. 

What to Write in a Congratulations Card

Of course, you must first decide what to write on a congratulations card. Here are a few simple steps to craft the message in your personalized congratulations cards.

  1. Share a congratulatory greeting. For example: Congratulations on your promotion, Blake! 
  2. Write a heartfelt message. For example, I know how hard you've worked to achieve this goal. I wish you all the best as you pursue this next step in your career. Let's have lunch soon! I'd love to hear all about it. 
  3. Share a kind closing. For example: Best wishes to you, Ashley 

You can follow this template if you want to congratulate a friend, colleague, or family member on a new home, graduation, baby, promotion, wedding, or any other occasion. 

Embrace Life's Milestones with Personalized Congratulations

Here's the fun part—choosing a perfect card to personalize. Below, we have shared some of our favorite cards to say "Congrats!" 

Wedding Congratulations Cards

Congratulations Cards for Promotion

Congratulations on Your New Home Cards

  • This gray pop-up housewarming card is perfect to bring to a housewarming party or to personalize & send to a friend who is moving. 
  • Personalize the home-sweet-home pop-up card with the message "Home is where you are." This card is a sweet reminder that home can be wherever we make it, perfect for someone struggling with a new move. 
  • Offer wishes of peace and love as they settle in by sending a beautiful lotus bouquet to adorn their new space. 

congratulations paper bouquet

Lovepop's Commitment to Exceptional Service:

Lovepop provides exceptional service and support throughout the ordering process. We are also committed to high-quality printing and packaging. Each card or bouquet you personalize and send will be packaged in a protective sleeve and shipped with the utmost care. 

Whether you're sending funny congratulations cards, "congratulations on your new home" cards, or celebrating any occasion in between, we hope you've found inspiration—and just the right pop-up cards—to infuse your loved one's special occasion with even more love. 

Your custom congratulations cards mean the world to your loved ones—thankfully, we make them easy to create & send. Win-win! 

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