Lovepop and Miracle Flights

Our Miracle Flights charitable partnership in action


Tuesday, March 12 was a special day at Lovepop HQ. We came together with Mark Brown, CEO of Miracle Flights, and crew to celebrate our charitable partnership and honor 15-year-old Michael Perrino, an 18-time Miracle Flight beneficiary from right here in Massachusetts.

Over 60 employees at our Boston office joined us to learn more about Miracle Flights and hear Michael’s story.

We enjoyed the opportunity to write messages of encouragement for kids in some of our favorite Lovepop cards. The Miracle Flights team took our cards back to their Las Vegas headquarters and will be sending them to families prior to their flights as part of their special care packages. Miracle Flights' care packages include snacks for the plane ride, shirts, Miles the Miracle Flights Bear, and now, Lovepop’s messages of hope.

Give first

Many startups wait to give back, but at Lovepop we “give first.” Our co-founder and COO, John Wise, shared that “a tenet of the Techstars community which we are a part of and really resonates is to ‘give first’. Not give back, but to give first.”

Our partnership with an amazing organization like Miracle Flights to help kids like Michael Perrino, keeps us true to our core beliefs and allows us to invest in the community.

Local impact - Michael Perrino

Michael is 15 years old and your typical sports and Xbox loving high school kid. Born with TAR syndrome, he receives specialized treatment for his rare condition 1,400 miles away from his family's Mashpee, MA home. The cost of so much back-and-forth travel can add up, but thanks to Miracle Flights, the Perrinos get to every appointment free of charge.

Lovepop was honored to be able to cover the cost of his 18th Miracle Flight as a part of this partnership. Earlier in February, we flew Michael and his parents down to the Paley Institute in West Palm Beach, FL, for ankle surgery. We’re so glad he is recovering well and was able to join us at Lovepop HQ with his family.

Throughout the month of March, Lovepop will donate a portion of proceeds to Miracle Flights from each of our 11 Lovepop Bear pop-up cards sold to help kids like Michael.

*Lovepop Cards included in the Miracle Flights partnership through March 31, 2019: Gold Birthday Bear, Love Bear, USA Bear, New Year Tuxedo Bear, Fishing Bear, Christmas Bear, Flower Bear, Fall Bear, Blue Birthday Bear, Pilgrim Bear, and Easter Bunny Bear.

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Great article and tremendous company moto: “Give First”!


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