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30 Mother's Day Quotes & Messages for Your Wife


Mother's Day is just around the corner, which means it can be a great time to start thinking about what to say to the mothers in your life to show them you care. If your wife or partner is celebrating Mother's Day, you can also think about messages to write in a Mother's Day card to make sure you let them know how special they are to you. Here are 30 mother's day messages to send to your wife, separated into three different categories: messages for a first Mother's Day, messages to show gratitude, and messages to show love.

Why Send a Message to Your Wife on Mother's Day?

Mother's Day can be one of the most important holidays of the year, especially for husbands or partners who have children. This is because the day provides a chance to focus your energy on your partner and show how much you love them, which can make any mother feel special and supported. One way to do this is to write a heartfelt Mother's Day message to your wife, as this can allow you to use personal memories and sentiments to emphasize your love and gratitude. 

Sending a personalized message can also be the perfect way to celebrate someone's first Mother's Day and make it as special as possible. This can help your wife or partner see you're constantly thinking of them, even in the midst of caring for a new baby.

First Mother's Day Messages for Wife

This holiday can be especially exciting for first-time mothers, so it's key to celebrate the new mothers you know. Here are some messages you can send to your wife or partner on her first Mother's Day:

  1. Happy First Mother's Day from the luckiest man on the planet.
  2. When you became a mother, you became even more beautiful to me. Happy First Mother's Day.
  3. Welcome to motherhood and enjoy your first Mother's Day.
  4. Our baby couldn't wait to meet you, and I couldn't wait to celebrate your first Mother's Day.
  5. Enjoy the first of many Mother's Days, from your husband and amazing child.
  6. I knew you would be a wonderful mother, and you prove me right every day.
  7. Here's to your first Mother's Day and many more to come.
  8. I hope you have an amazing first Mother's Day and feel the love and joy you bring us every day.
  9. Watching you become a mother has been my greatest joy. Enjoy your first Mother's Day.
  10. I hope you have the restful, joyous first Mother's Day you deserve. I'll take care of the baby cleanup today.

Mother's Day Messages to Say "Thank You"

Another common sentiment to share on Mother's Day is gratitude for the mothers in your life. Here are a few messages you can write to your wife or partner to tell them "thank you" on Mother's Day:

  1. Thank you for being the best wife and mother I could ask for. Happy Mother's Day.
  2. I'm so grateful to have you as the mother of our children, on Mother's Day and every day.
  3. I don't know what I did to deserve you and our beautiful child. Thank you for all you do.
  4. Thank you for being the best mother to our children and showing me how to be the best father I can be, this Mother's Day and every day.
  5. Thinking of everything you do for us this Mother's Day and hoping it's the beautiful day you deserve.
  6. We're so lucky to have you in our lives, and our baby is so lucky to have you as their mother.
  7. Thank you for raising our children with your grace, wisdom, and beauty. Happy Mother's Day.
  8. I'm so grateful for everything you do and hope you feel special this Mother's Day.
  9. You have no idea how much you mean to me, and I'm thankful to spend this Mother's Day celebrating you.
  10. Thank you for supporting me and helping give our child the best life possible; I hope they turn out as wonderful as you.

Mother's Day Messages to Say "I Love You"

Perhaps the most common message to share on Mother's Day is one of love, as you can celebrate your mom, wife, or partner with cards and Mother's Day flower bouquets that simply say, "I love you." Here are a few messages that can emphasize your love for your wife or partner on Mother's day:

  1. Happy Mother's Day, I love you to the ends of the earth.
  2. Our children and I love you with all our hearts and hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day.
  3. Happy Mother's Day to the best friend I could ask for and the best mother our children could have. Our love for you knows no bounds.
  4. Happy Mother's Day to my other half. I hope I can bring you half the joy you bring me and our children every day on this Mother's Day.
  5. Sending you all my love and wishing you the amazing Mother's Day you deserve.
  6. Happy Mother's Day to the love of my life and the mother of our incredible children. I hope this day is as special as you are.
  7. Your friendship is my greatest gift, and your ways with our children are my greatest joy. Happy Mother's Day to my love.
  8. Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful woman a partner could hope for and the most amazing mother a child could have. We all love you so much!
  9. Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to my beloved wife. You bring light to my life and guide our children brilliantly, and I hope one day they'll be as strong and wonderful as you.
  10. I've never met a more amazing mother and love you with all my heart. Happy Mother's Day.

Any of these messages can make the perfect greeting for your wife or partner on Mother's Day. Write your message on a special card to offer a lasting memento of your love and gratitude. Visit our Mother's Day page to explore a wide variety of beautiful Mother's Day cards, bouquets, and gifts to show how much you care this Mother's Day.

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