Mother's Day Gifts Inspired by Our Own Moms (Hint: What She REALLY Wants This Year.)

Mother's Day Gifts Inspired by Our Own Moms (Hint: What She REALLY Wants This Year.)

We like to make the most of Mother’s Day — because, really, who’s better than mom? But the task of finding the absolutely perfect, happy-tears-inducing, display it on the coffee table* and save it for later card is a daunting task.

So we asked the moms of Lovepop HQ to weigh on which of our 3D cards they’d like to receive this holiday, but also what design they’re most likely to give.

Their answers might surprise you.

Why? Because while we have a stellar selection of Mother’s Day cards, we encourage you to dig deep into our archives to find the perfect card to represent that running family joke (no judgement), mom’s real favorite child, or that day you both agree was *the best day ever* when you were 10.

Need inspiration for your inspiration? We’ve got you covered. 


Diane Swint, General Manager Consumer Business

Mother's Day card suggestions

Which Lovepop would you want?
Blue Morpho — It reminds me of my sister as she loves the color blue and this card is absolutely spectacular with all of the detail.

Which Lovepop reminds you of your own mother?
Fancy Lobster — I do not know anyone who enjoys lobster more than my mom. Every year, for her birthday, my dad cooks lobster and we make a huge mess of the kitchen.


Megan Dunn, Head of Finance

Ladybug card for Mother's Day

Which Lovepop would you want?
Ladybug — I've always been told, 'Find a ladybug and you'll have good luck!' It takes a lot of luck to get through motherhood.

Which Lovepop reminds you of your own mother?
Dragonfly — It's just a beautiful card and represents her beautiful spirit.


Kate Burke, PR

Mother's Day card ideas
Which Lovepop would you want?
Dragonfly — The detail on this card is absolutely exquisite and after this long winter, I'd be excited to receive a card that reminds me spring really is coming! And as the mom of two boys, bugs are something I've had to get used to!

Which Lovepop reminds you of your own mother?
Willow Tree — My mom is a true kind spirit, always doing others and leading by example. The willow, her very favorite card, reminds me of her strength and beauty.


Jamie Mendelsohn, Customer Happiness Manager

Mother's Day card ideas

Which Lovepop would you want? 
Piñata — My son (who is 8) loves piñatas more than almost anything in the world. The combo of it being such a cool design and his favorite thing make it a favorite of mine!

Which Lovepop reminds you of your own mother?
Tulip Bouquet — Tulips are my mom's absolute favorite flowers. I have sent her tulips as a gift on many birthdays and Mother's Days and they always make her smile.


Veronica Armstrong, General Manager Weddings

Mother's Day card with cherry blossoms

Which Lovepop would you want?
Tulip Bouquet — It's gorgeous and colorful, like the tulip bouquets my husband arranges for me.

Which Lovepop reminds you of your own mother?
Cherry Blossom — It is beautiful and elegant, like my mother.

Want even more bonus points? Try our Send a Surprise service. We'll use our most perfect penmanship and write a personal note to mom on your Lovepop and ship it straight to her. 

Also, as always, if you give mom a Lovepop this year, share your story, pic, declarations of love, etc. with us. We'd love to hear about it. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


*Our cards are designed to be displayed open, popped up, in their full glory. We like to think they’ll get prime placement. The fridge is for kids, but the coffee table is for closers.


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Good day…My sister Susie had a birthday the same day as Mother’s day and yes she is a wonderful mother to my niece and nephews. I gave her the Monarch butterfly card. I so wish I would have videoed her reaction to the card. She opened it with out knowing it will “pop” . She was in shock and awe but also loved it. I am glad that I got to surprise her in that way. Thank you for all of the lovely cards.

Heidie K Heise

I received the golden retriever and puppies card for my 70th birthday and I was thrilled. We love goldens and the card with the puppy dangling from it’s mother’s mouth is more than precious. Thank you Love Pop people!!!

Anne MAck

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