Lovepop partners with Miracle Flights to help sick children

Lovepop partners with Miracle Flights to help sick children


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Our Lovepop Bears are on a very special mission to help sick kids! #MagicalMiracles

February 28 is Rare Disease Day. To raise awareness for this occasion, we're announcing Lovepop’s partnership with medical flight charity, Miracle Flights. This awesome organization helps sick kids find a “cure for distance” and reach life-changing care far from home.

When you purchase a Lovepop Bear* card in support of Miracle Flights, you not only create a magical moment for someone you care about, you help make a miracle happen for a critically ill child.

Why Miracle Flights

Miracle Flights is a national nonprofit that provides free commercial air travel to sick children who need access to life-changing medical care not available in their local communities. Founded in 1985, Miracle Flights provides approximately 600 free flights each month—more than 122,000 to date. That’s a lot of magical moments!

Lovepop believes in the power of creating meaningful and magical connections, so partnering with Miracle Flights was a natural fit for us. With your help, we’re excited to help fund flights for Miracle Flights’ families and create new magical moments together.

Lovepop Bears are on a mission

Throughout the month of March, every purchase of one of our 11 seasonal Lovepop Bear cards* will bring a child closer to life-changing medical care, with a portion of the proceeds donated to Miracle Flights.

After March, $1 from each Love Bear card sold through the end of 2019 will benefit the nonprofit’s mission and help more sick children reach the care they need.

We chose our Lovepop Bears in tribute to the teddy each child receives upon their first Miracle Flight.

Join us in making magical moments with this inspirational organization and the families they support and follow along with our #MagicalMiracles journey!

Want to give to Miracle Flights directly? Make a donation now.

*Lovepop Cards included in the Miracle Flights partnership through March 31, 2019: Gold Birthday Bear, Love Bear, USA Bear, New Year Tuxedo Bear, Fishing Bear, Christmas Bear, Flower Bear, Fall Bear, Blue Birthday Bear, Pilgrim Bear, and Easter Bunny Bear.

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