Iron Man and I Am Groot! Lovepop cards

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Iron Man and I am Groot pop up cards for Lovepop

We teamed up with Marvel and Earth's Mightiest Heroes for two brand new pop-up creations: Iron Man and I Am Groot!. These designs are the perfect way to tell someone that they’re your hero, even if they don’t fight crime for a living.



Upon opening this design, Iron Man shoots up, flying through the sky. His red and gold modular arc reactor-powered armor grants him superhuman strength and protects him during battle. The background is beautifully illustrated to showcase a towering mountain range and gray sky. 

Our designer Patrick was hooked on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) immediately after watching the first “Iron Man” movie. “Fun Fact: Tony Stark went to MIT, so both Lovepop and Iron Man got their start in Boston,” Patrick informed us. One unique thing about this Iron Man design is that it’s one of our tallest cards due to Patrick’s use of a unique “rocket-fold.”

Give this card to any MCU lovers out there, like Patrick. This card is also perfect to give to the everyday hero in your life who’s always ready to fight for what's right. Any intellects who enjoy innovation and engineering will also appreciate this Iron Man design


Upon opening this design, Groot appears holding onto the mixtape, the black tape pulled out and tangled around him. His brown bark body is detailed with green vines and moss. The background of this design showcases baby Groot’s favorite dance floor illustrated in a shade of teal and beige.

Our designer Dalex’s favorite part of this design was “how we were able to delve into the spirit of the character and capture just how playful he is. We were still able to really push the funky neon colors and keep that sweet Guardians vibe too.” Dalex also mentioned how Groot is “loyal, strong, and wise (for someone that can only say three words) - it was great to be able to capture his character in card form.”

Give this design to your friend of few words - they’re sure to have a lot to say about this adorable card. Any Guardians of the Galaxy fans will immediately fall for this I Am Groot! pop up design. This card is also perfect to give to the new love in your life — mixtapes are definitely a timeless symbol of love.

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