Lovepop Prudential Center Wins 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award

Lovepop Prudential Center Wins 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award

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Created in partnership with integrated services firm, Stack + Co., and fabricated by Milford Enterprises, Lovepop's retail kiosk at the Prudential Center in Boston has been awarded the 2019 GOOD DESIGN® award in the environments category. The tribute, which recognizes products with cutting-edge design and innovation around the world, was bestowed by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN remains the oldest and the world's most renowned program for design excellence worldwide. The program recognizes the work of thousands of designers and manufacturers worldwide who have successfully undertaken the design challenge to produce the best and most outstanding design products across the globe to our large and expanding global consumers.

"We are delighted that the updated design of our Prudential Center kiosk has been recognized for this prestigious award," said Colin Spillane, Head of Retail, Lovepop. "We intended the new design to be forward-looking, unique, and different. Stack + Co.'s design achieved that with a sleek and interactive structure that has set the stage for Lovepop's updated retail footprint throughout the country."

The kiosk is designed as a 360-degree structure made out of solid white color core laminate and includes various size display portals that feature seasonal Lovepop products. Stack + Co's design extended the size and location of the display windows below eye level, which greatly expands the product surface area and intrigues shoppers well beyond the retail "area of influence" of 100 feet.

"As shoppers are milling around the concourse, they approach the large white, structure with small illuminated peepholes with curiosity and interest," explains Catriel Tulian, Principal, Stack + Co. "Once close enough to see inside the portals, shoppers are enticed by the quality and beauty of the distinctive cards. The kiosk's tiered shelving along with the display portals ensure that the colorful and vibrant cards stand out."

Experience the magic of the Prudential Center kiosk or at one of our other retail locations today!
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