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Lovepop New York Team

It is 100% accurate that the only Taylor Swift song that I never related to was this one. Up until about... a month ago.

As I'm writing this tonight, I've got a big ol'slice of 99 cent pizza in one hand, a giant iced coffee next to me, and a beautiful view of the World Trade Center Oculus in the background. I keep grinning, because I know that in just a few days, there's going to be an awesome Lovepop kiosk inside of that beautiful building.

World Trade Center Oculus Center View of Oculus from Lovepop NYC Headquarters. Oculus is on the bottom left side!

I joined the Lovepop team a year ago to manage our Boston-area retail kiosks. If you've ever heard a jolly "Hey! How's it going today!?" over at South Station, then you've probably met me or some of my awesome Boston Lovepop Reps.

Lovepop New York City
Jenn, Calli, and Gabrielle at one of our first tastes of selling in New York at the World Maker's Faire in Flushing, Queens

I grew up in the Boston-area, went to school at Boston University (go Terriers!), and eat more chowdah than you can even fathom. But when I found out that we'd be opening up kiosks in New York City, my heart went a little crazy. I might have reacted a little something like this.


For me, one of the most rewarding parts about working in Lovepop Retail is getting to see people interact and play with our cards. There's a lot of wonder, amusement, and amazement happening at all of our kiosk locations.

Lovepop Taxi Cab Pop Up Card

You know that face that that special someone you got a Lovepop for makes when they open it up? It's the same face that a person who has never opened one of our cards before makes. It's a face that expresses "oh my GOODNESS what is this" and "AHHHH" and "I need to get for my best friend because she loves cats and this one has a SO MANY CATS in it (!!!)"

I get to see this hundreds of times a week in Boston. And needless to say, I am pumped to be able to bring the same type of joy to the most populous city in the country.

It has been months of planning and lots of long days full of location scouting, recruiting, and training, but opening day is just around the corner. On November 2nd, we are opening our Lovepop kiosk in Fulton Center, with a kiosk in the Oculus opening shortly after.

Just a few weeks later on November 25th, we'll be setting up shop in Long Island at the Roosevelt Field Mall.

World Trade Center Oculus Center
Our designers have been just as excited as our retail team, and have spent the last few months drawing up some awesome designs that you'll be able to find exclusively at our NYC kiosks.

New York, I am excited to make you smile.

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My daughter Jessica works at the Occulus and is the picture there !

Kim Young

Hope you add an airplane ( 737, 787, 777) to your collection

DIanne Rainville

Go get ’em Jenn and team Lovepop NYC!!


Jenn and the Lovepop crew…wishing you all a tremendous success. I hope I can get to NY to see you!! These cards are amazing!! I have the Red Rose and The Money Tree!! Exciting time! I Just emailed Veronica to see how I can be a part of your crew! Wish me luck! Have a great, productive day at the kiosks!!!

Mare Downs

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