What REAL moms think of our Mother's Day cards...

What REAL moms think of our Mother's Day cards...


mother's day pop up card

Mother's Day is just around the corner! We have every card you could ever need to make the mom in your life feel extra loved this Mother's Day.

Don't believe us? Think we may be a little biased? Check out these awesome customer feels about just how much REAL MOMS are loving our Mother's Day cards:

💌"I gave the card to my mother for Mother's Day. She placed it on display in her cabinet of cherished items. Score one for the good son!" -- John S. about Cherry Blossom

💌"I had purchased this card for my stepmother for Mother's Day. It was shipped the very next day and came early before Mother's Day. When my stepmother received and opened her card, she was very surprised and excited to see such a unique and extraordinary card. She now hangs the card on our refrigerator!" -- Tj S. about Dragonfly

💌"I honor the women in my life who are moms with Mother's Day cards. I was looking for something unique... which lead me to Lovepop, of course! I've purchased a dozen of these cards for Mother's Day. I know the cards will make the day for each of these wonderful women even more special." -- Christine A. about Lily Bloom

💌"After a recent trip to Washington, D.C. to see the cherry blossoms. It was a great treat to be able to surprise my mom with this beautiful card!! Truly a Mother's Day wonder." -- Melinda J. about Cherry Blossom

hummingbird pop up card

💌"My daughter gave me my Hummingbird card for Mother's Day and I loved it so much that I got one for my mother's birthday. I have my Hummingbird card displayed with a collection of birdhouses and other unique birds I have collected over the years. I really love it and the card is well made." -- Susan H. about Hummingbird

💌"I got a call from my grandma on Mother's Day saying how much she loved the card. These cards transcend what it means to be a card. They are viewed as art so they end up on display -- not in the garbage after the holiday has come and gone. Thanks for existing and providing such a wonderful experience." -- Josh M. about Blue Morpho Butterfly

💌"OMG all of these cards were AMAZING!!!! I gave them all to my mom for Mother's Day and she LOVED LOVED LOVED all of them!!! Thanks so much for providing such a unique and incredible product with outstanding service!!! I will FOR SURE continue to order from this company!!!" -- Lynette C. about Dragonfly

💌"I bought the Cherry Blossom Lovepop as a gift for my mom for Mother's Day. She's always loved pop-ups, so I knew I had to have a Lovepop. As soon as she opened it, she gasped and immediately started crying. She loves it and wants to have it displayed as art for everyone to see. 10/10 great reaction and I will be going to Lovepop for all my major card needs from now on." -- Sandy W. about Cherry Blossom

elephant family pop up card

💌"This card is lovely. I lived in Africa for many years and you all are spot on in capturing the look of an Elephant family. This is a Mother's Day card for my mom who visited me in Africa many years ago. She is going to love it!" -- Miriam L. about Elephant Family

💌"When I first saw this card, I knew I was giving it to my wife for Mother's Day. She has a fascination with dragonflies, and when she opened the card it took her breath away. She was thrilled! Thanks for making such a stunning card. It really made my wife's Mother's Day." -- Andy G. about Dragonfly

💌"Sent cards to both moms for Mother's Day. They were so excited to be able to display their beautiful cards. They both plan to enjoy them for weeks to come. What a unique and sweet way to celebrate them. I will be sending more memories with Lovepop!!!" -- Patricia C. about Daisy Patch

💌"Not only was I delighted, but my 96-year-old mother just loved it. I sent it to her for Mother's Day and she took it and showed it to all her friends at the assisted living center - they all loved it. She said it reminded her of the Cherry Blossom trees in the backyard of the house I was raised in that she had owned for sixty years. Thank you for the beautiful work you do." -- Sandy T. about Cherry Blossom

💌"My wife is a serious CrossFit athlete and an amazing mom to our children. The Super Mom card made her so happy on Mother's Day. Thank you." -- Christopher G. about Super Mom

💌"My mother, who is 96-years young and lives over 1,000 miles away, called me today. She told me she had just opened her Mother's Day card and was absolutely amazed at its beauty! I wanted the Dragonfly to arrive early so she could enjoy it longer. She couldn't get over how very delicate the cutouts were and how big it really was! She said she is displaying it on her bookcase for all to see. I'm so happy I ordered this for her!" -- Carla M. about Dragonfly

dog family pop up card

💌"I used the Dog Family card as a Mother's Day card from our yellow lab to my wife. She loved it and it is still on display in our kitchen." -- David L. about Dog Family

💌"While I was not able to fly home to spend Mother's Day with my mum, I did not want to send her flowers that would eventually wilt away. The Rose Bouquet Red card was perfect as the flowers will never wilt. When she became sad that I could not fly home, all she had to do was open her card and read the message I had written. She loved it and said she will keep it forever." -- Michael H. about Rose Bouquet Red

💌"The most beautiful cards. I'm a hospice nurse and gave my patients one of your beautiful cards for Mother's Day. They literally gasped when they opened them. It gave me so much joy to see the happiness on these precious ladies' faces. Thank you for your awesome talent." -- Ann W. about Blue Morpho Butterfly

💌"I picked this bouquet for my mom. I hate sending cut flowers to my mom because they just die and she already has plenty of plants. So, I sent this. She loved it. I always try to send her something 'not so average' and this fit the bill perfectly." -- Tanya L. about Daisy Patch

💌"I got the Cherry Blossom card for mom and she absolutely loved it. These cards are fantastic and exciting. I told my brother about them and he accidentally got mom the same card I did. She loved them both (of course) and put them up on the mantle." -- Edward A. about Cherry Blossom

💌"I have always loved hummingbirds, so when I received my card for Mother's Day, I was excited to see one beautifully etched on the front of it. However, when I opened it up, I was overwhelmed by the fantastic and very pretty pop-up that sprang open before me. The card brought me joy and pleasure, and will for a long time to come." -- Harriett C. about Hummingbird

tulip bouquet pop up card

💌"I got cards for my mom, my mother-in-law, and my wife for Mother's Day. They were all happy and surprised with the cards - they loved them. The cards shipped promptly and I even got a nice handwritten message thanking me for my order on the package! It honestly made me feel happy about ordering these cards. Thank you again and I will definitely order for future occasions!" -- Mike L. about Tulip Bouquet

💌"My mom is 94-years-old and in a nursing home. I sent her the Cherry Blossom pop up card for Mother's Day. She was not only able to see it and hold it, but swears that she could even 'smell' the lovely flowers!" -- Judee S. about Cherry Blossom


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