Lovepop brings magical moments to Hudson Yards' Floor of Discovery

Lovepop brings magical moments to Hudson Yards' Floor of Discovery

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Lovepop goes brick and mortar? You heard that right, folks -- it's time to P-A-R-T-Y!

Today, we're opening our first ever brick-and-mortar store at Hudson Yards in New York City. Our new Lovepop store will join other digitally native brands on the Floor of Discovery, as we set up a dedicated home to connect with our consumers in a whole new way!

Are we psyched? You betcha. "At Lovepop Hudson Yards, our goal is to create an unexpected experience that we've never showcased before," says our CEO and co-founder, Wombi Rose. "Through a combination of engineering and design, customers will be immersed into Lovepop's style of art. We hope they'll be inspired to do something meaningful for someone special in their lives."

The 686-square-foot, color-filled space is 100% Lovepop with our hundreds of designs for you to pick up, open-and-close, and shop by the handfuls. (Open. "WOW!" Close. Repeat.)

"The Hudson Yards store will also feature a brand new Lovepop experience - a digital catalog in the form of a touch screen mirror, featuring all Lovepop products (available in-store and online), offering the option for complimentary shipping directly to customers' desired destinations," says our General Manager of Retail, Colin Spillane.

hudson yards new store

"Ever since we started, we've used an omnichannel sales approach to maximize our audience and expose our unique products to people everywhere," explains Colin. "With the opening of our first brick and mortar store, Lovepop is creating more opportunities to make every moment meaningful."

We are thrilled to be a part of this innovative new retail and lifestyle experience. Joining us on the Floor of Discovery companies like Mack Weldon, Rhone, and Heidi Klein, who are also opening their first-ever or first permanent retail location -- yay for our fellow firsts!

If you ever find yourself in New York City, stop into our store for a visit! Our full inventory of pop-up cards will be in stock, ready for any and all magical moments in the making.

Wondering how you can find us? Visitors will have easy access to the High Line and an underground connection to the No. 7 Subway, making the Hudson Yards retail center one of the most accessible destinations in New York City.

We hope to see you soon!


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I have ordered once from your selection of cards, but I find that what I am really looking for is a card that would have some symbol, or piece of art within the card that would reflect a Christian outlook for sending a card to a friend, loved one etc. I do not see one card within your 400 that is something I would call Christian. Is there a reason for this ?

Gerald W Pelletier

It has been such a pleasure to see your hard work pay off. I now only send LovePop cards. They give so much pleasure sending them or receiving them. Congrats! I will always be your loyal customer.

Susie Rogers

CONGRATULATIONS on the brick and mortar! 🎉🤗🥳 I absolutely LOVE your cards and the amazing ways you give back to the community. I hope the spirit and mantra of the company continues as the company continues to have success.


Love aLL YOUR CARDS! I usually have credit card charges every month. Last Christmas I sent over 50 of the cards .to family & friends. Love the new flower cards. Just ordered a bunch of them. Keep it going! Congrats on your physical location. Living in Ga. I can’t shop there but on-line works fine. I keep an assortment of your cards on hand so I am prepared. Each card is like a thoughtful gift to the recipient.

Jeanine Gullett

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