Lovepop Easter Eggs: Hidden treasures in our designs

Lovepop Easter Eggs: Hidden treasures in our designs

Lovepop hidden design features

The more time you stare at a Lovepop, the more you notice. Maybe it’s the shimmer in one of our extra premium papers. Or an intricate cutout or shape in the background that you didn’t see before.

While Lovepop cards are full of surprise and whimsy, there are some design intricacies we hid on purpose. They’re there for true Lovepop fans to discover. They're hidden details our designers have tucked away for the ever-so-curious.

And you’re in luck: we’re going to share hints to our secrets with you today.

Because we are so, so excited for the launch our Bethlehem card for the holiday season. This beautiful cityscape is rich with peaks and pillars in dreamy shades of blue, lavender, and gold and one very spectacular surprise.

There’s plenty to draw the eye — from a stained glass-inspired cover and teeny-tiny Three Wise Men cut-outs — but if you look closely you might see another Christmas story waiting to be told.

Hint: Follow the star...

Sunflower pop up card

What’s the friendliest flower? Some might say daisy, other might say a rose — but we’ll tip our hats to Sunflower. Need proof? Look to the field for a smiley surprise!

Ninja Lovepop pop up card

Ninjas are pretty stealth — but can you guess how many ninjas our designers hid in this card? TEN. You’ll have to get up-close-and-personal to find the other nine!

Pinata pop up Lovepop card

This one’s a sweet one!
Our ever-popular Pinata design features a hidden confectionary treasure when you take a closer look.

Mailbox Lovepop Card

We know the easiest way to cheer up a mailbox is to send a Lovepop, but how can we top that when our Lovepop is a Mailbox?
Open the door and find out!


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