Lovepop and Santa's Magic

When we appeared on Good Morning America's Steals and Deals feature last May we were ecstatic. GMA took their show on the road and visited four cities on its Deals and Steals on Wheels feature.

Lovepop Tory Johnson Good Morning America

Boston was their last stop, and we had the honor of appearing live with the GMA team. The crowd was huge and full of wild energy. It's exactly how it looks on TV but kicked up a few notches.

We had a blast hanging around with amazing  Tory Johnson and a small mob of crazy excited Bostonians.

Then it happened.

Right there, on live TV, our friends at Vistaprint presented us with an awesomely oversized check for a $10,000 purchase of our pop-up cards. Unbeknownst to us at the time Vistaprint was traveling with GMA from city to city to "Celebrate How America Does Small Business" in honor of National Small Business week.

How cool is that?

It was wonderful enough to be honored with an appearance on the iconic morning show but to be recognized by an esteemed, global e-commerce brand with a generous gift on live television was unbelievable.

When we learned what the check was for our level of excitement reached new heights.

Vistaprint gave us a $10,000 check to purchase holiday and Christmas cards for an incredible non-profit called Santa's Magic.

Santa's Magic
Santa's Magic mission "is to brighten the lives of hospital patients and their loved ones, bring the joy of the holiday season to our hospitalized and aging veterans and give a moment of happiness to the families of our armed forces serving our nation overseas."

Lovepop Santa's Magic
We are honored that Vistaprint thought of us when partnering with Santa's Magic. Doing something special for someone (anyone!) is what Lovepop represents. Whether a stranger or a friend, a thoughtful gift and handwritten note can always brighten someone's day.

Working with Vistaprint and Santa's Magic allows us to show our appreciation, gratitude, and love to those who deserve it most.

Lovepop Santa's Magic
John and Wombi visited the Higgins Middle School in Peabody, Massachusetts school this summer to write handwritten notes to our troops and veterans with the kids and staff and next month we're hosting an event at Faneuil Hall where anyone can stop by our kiosk and join students and veterans to sign a Lovepop for Santa's Magic.

Santa's Magic Lovepop

We'll share more details soon but would love to have you there with us as we support Santa's Magic and the incredible work they do.
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I hope this gets to the creators of these cards. The cards almost give an air of magic upon opening. The joy it gave, actually still gives, my wife is priceless. And while she battles colon cancer, any smile on her face is also priceless. Thank you. Thank you for adding that joy to her day.

Ginna Roe

Hello There,
Is it possible that I can send one of your 3d cards to Manchester, UK?


Amazing!! You guys rock!!!!! So wonderful to see your incredible company advance with enthusiasm and good fortune!! Let me know when you need help in NJ!! Sounds like a great team to be a part of……Congrats on your endeavors. Santa’s Magic is just that…‘magic of the heart’ and LOVEPOP is right in the heart of things! I’m so excited for all of you!!!


You are the best ! Thank you for honoring those who keep us safe.

Sue Wilson

What an exciting story. Congratulations on your new found success!

RUthann HAll

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