Lovepop and HBO Partner to Bring You Game of Thrones

Lovepop and HBO Partner to Bring You Game of Thrones

Lovepop and HBO launch an awesome paper art collection from the hit series.

Game of Thrones 5 Pack

Lovepop and HBO Game of Thrones

The epic TV show has inspired the biggest Lovepop launch to date. Introducing the Lovepop Game of Thrones Collection!

We are huge fans of Game of Thrones at Lovepop and when we got the chance to work on these designs, we went all in.

“When we think about the amazing designs we can make with paper, we get excited not just to recreate what we see around us, but also to delve into the imaginary,” said Wombi Rose, Lovepop’s co-founder and CEO.

“For several seasons we have admired the intrigue and craftsmanship of Game of Thrones. Every day we set out to create something magical, and there is truly nothing more otherworldly than Game of Thrones. The sheer scale is unmatched on the small screen. We had so much fun building our paper versions of the realm, and we can’t we can’t wait for fans to experience them.”

While many people at Lovepop HQ chimed in during the creative process, designers Joe and Patrick ultimately brought these designs to life. After spilling plenty of blood, sweat, and ale to get every detail right, Joe and Patrick crafted these Game of Thrones designs to perfection.

The collection, launching November 29th, 2017, is a series of five awesome designs, perfect to gift to fellow fans or to collect and display.

Drogon and Daenerys Game of Thrones Pop up Card


Drogon and Daenerys features Daenerys Targaryen sitting atop her giant dragon, Drogon, who she raised and now bravely rides into battle against her Westerosi enemies.

The Drogon was based off our original dragon design, but taken to a completely new level. Lovepop designer Joe wanted to make sure it had more detail so that the Drogon could easily be identified. With that in mind, he took time, particularly in the pupils of the eyes, the teeth, and the horns, to make sure they came out just right -- and would make Daenerys proud.

The Night King and Viserion Game of Throne Pop up Card


The Night King and Viserion pop up features the ultimate evil in the Game of Thrones world. Riding his newly acquired ice dragon wight, the Night King strikes fear into those who stand in his way.

Similar to Drogon and Daenerys, Joe paid close attention to the minor details when crafting Viserion’s unique pupils, teeth, and horns. The design ended up scary good.

Weirwood Tree Game of Thrones Pop up Card


The Weirwood Tree design highlights the face carved into its trunk, with blood red sap seeping from the eyes. We believe this was done by the Children of the Forest when we went to sleep at night. Maybe that isn’t necessarily true. 

To stay true to the hardcore fans, Joe incorporated the bleeding sap to give the tree a face. A must have for all parties involved.

Euron's Ship Game of Thrones Pop up Card


The Euron’s Ship design takes accuracy of detail to an entire new level. The intricacy of the sails, specifically the sigil of House Greyjoy and its menacing golden kraken on a black field, makes this pop up an impressive gift.

When asked why chose Euron’s Ship to design, Lovepop designer Patrick responded, “Have you seen the ship in the show? It’s so cool!”

Needless to say, Patrick enjoyed his time crafting this fearsome design.

The Iron Throne Game of Thrones Pop up Card


Finally, we have the Iron Throne pop up, which was forged at the order of Lovepop and HBO to give anyone and everyone of Westeros their own seat in the Great Hall. The design incorporates the broken cobblestone and welded swords to create the ultimate scene.

Winter has come, Game of Thrones fans. Join us on our mission to create 1 billion magical moments and let us know who you think we should partner with next!

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These cards are fantastic.

Susan moss

Great idea guys! I watched you on Shark Tank and am glad you got a deal and are doing well as a company. I hope to be featured on the show soon. Again, great job in marrying a great idea w/ a popular show.

I just want to thank you for taking care of my order that got lost around the holidays your very prompt replacement of the cards free of charge overnight, I could not ask for anything more. you are by far one of the better companies I have ever dealt with and will continue to purchase your cards and recommended your cards ….thank you for your prompt and courteous service . Bob
Bob Banic

Wow! These are amazing! Great gift idea!

Nancy Antle

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