Lovepop 2017: A Year in Review

Lovepop 2017: A Year in Review

Wow, what a year! We cannot thank you enough for making 2017 a year to remember.

John and Wombi


So much has happened in the last 12 months.  Last year, we heard from you that the thing you wanted most from us was new designs, so our New Year's Resolution was to launch one new design a week.  We started with Dragon, in a fiery Facebook Live Launch with the legendary Michael Cthulhu. A 100-lb steel junkyard axe, a box of greeting card, and lots of fire.  How else?  And the designs kept on coming.  

One of the craziest design projects in the beginning of the year was our collaboration with the Billboard Music Awards.  Kevin O'Leary had introduced us to Michael Mahan, who runs Dick Clark Productions, and our teams quickly began brainstorming for how we could create something totally out of this world for the headline music award show in May.  We decided to make completely custom cards for every artist, which turned out to both be a massive design challenge, but also presented us with a new problem: How do we keep the identity of the winning artists a secret?  We solved that one with brute force: by making multiple versions of every winner card and delivering them to Dick Clark in a way that they could make a choice last minute depending on who won.  The team at Billboard invited us out to the T-Mobile Arena for the awards show, and we got to see all the stars learning about the winner first from the dramatic opening of a Lovepop. 

Super cool!  Shark Tank was so excited about the partnership, they came to our office and filmed an update that aired a few weeks before the show.  It was an incredible opportunity that took a ton of design effort, but paid off with a really cool show that we got to be a major part of.  

Immediately after the show, the fans of the Korean pop band BTS, which won Top Social Artist at the show all really wanted a copy of the winner card, which we created as the very first limited edition Lovepop, and sold out in two weeks.

In late 2016, we met the team from the Beatles, and started working on a special set of commemorative designs including Abbey Road, Yellow Submarine, and Sgt. Pepper's.  We pulled a number of all-nighters just getting this out in time for Father's Day, where Abbey Road topped the charts of Lovepop launches.  In August, Kevin O'Leary invited us onto CNBC Squawkbox, and in between the news and hedgefund managers we had the opportunity to share the Lovepop story.  The cameramen were so excited about the Beatles cards that our Yellow Submarine and Abbey Road designs became TV stars in their own rite.

And the last six months have been crazy design project after crazy design project.  We worked with HBO to make a one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones set after they got really excited about our Dragon and Japanese Maple designs.  The resulting 5-card set is just the beginning of an intriguing relationship we are building in the mysterious continent of Westeros. 

For Christmas, we were found by 5th Avenue accessories destination, and iconic brand Henri Bendel.  They found John's bio in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and reached out about partnering with us on the decoration of their store for the holidays.  But not a standard holiday theme, a "more is more" jewel-toned tropical forest motif with parrots and owls and lots of shiny.  The retail team rallied and in under 2 months created a four-story tall paper butterfly chandelier with 30,000 butterflies, designed their storefront window, built a mezzanine installation that includes a portal to the forest, and set up a brand new pop up shop in Henri Bendel.  Seeing it all come together was absolutely breathtaking.

In October we were able to spend the day with host Alie Ward from The Henry Ford's Innovation Nation, the famous Saturday morning show on CBS.  We were able to share our story and learn about all the awesome people in her life she wants to create a magical moment for.  And, create a super fun boomerang, that we need to reach out to her to find!  When we do, we'll post it here :)

And we couldn’t have done any of it without you.  You give us the energy to create.  You inspire us with how you take care of the special people in your lives.  You help us build a better company with your feedback on everything from what designs we should make, how we should make them, how we can improve our online and offline experiences, and how we can better engage with you.  We love hearing from you day in and day out.  Please keep that coming!

Most of all, John and I, and the entire team at Lovepop just want to take this opportunity to say:


Thank you for making every day magical and for believing in us and in Lovepop!

Thank you for making 2017 so special! 

From all of us at Lovepop, we want to wish you a happy holiday season!

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This is such a wonderful idea being 83 this year I don’t get out as much these love cards really fill the bill thanks grandma Kay
KC Creations

Kay Cook

Do you have retirement cards? I ordered Valentine Cards from you earlier this week. I first heard about you on Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation. I loved your story and I think your products look amazing.

Barbara McDermott

just received the fire truck card ! Great
design suggestions—ski gondola-skier-iconic mountain Sun Valley Idaho-ski lift-snow boarder-ice skater-Olympic winter games

nancy stebor

I saw your cards on Good Morning America I believe. My wife and I get together with a great group of friends each year for a Valentine dinner. I ordered cards for all of the wives and will sign them simply “from the boys.” Can’t wait to see their reactions.

Mark Hill

My family opened their gifts yesterday and my grandson was especially pleased with the hockey goalie. He is 19 and has played hockey since 11 or 12. I could never find a hockey gift until seeing your cards FACEBOOK.. I always LOVE pop-up books and shared them with grandkids and retired people. I don’t know how you do them and put out so many so fast. I love them! M Gill

Margaret Gill

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