19 Gift Ideas for Each Love Language

19 Gift Ideas for Each Love Language

Buying gifts for your loved ones can be a blast! So many fantastic gift options are available, and you can find almost anything with a simple search on the internet. Yet, for the same reason, gift shopping can also feel overwhelming.

Some people love receiving gifts. They count down to holidays, celebrate their entire birthday month, and they're the first to send you their wish list. If you love someone who appreciates unique gifts, then you know the importance of finding just the right thing. You want them to feel valued, and the perfect gift is what it takes.

Other people aren't as big on gifts but would love to spend time together, receive a nice massage, or receive a meaningful card with your thoughtful handwritten sentiments written inside — that's because different people have different love languages! The things that make one person feel the most loved can vary significantly from another. 

The five love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, gift giving/receiving, acts of service, and quality time. We recommend asking your partner, family member, or friend which of these makes them feel the most loved. Everyone should know their love language and the love languages of the people closest to them; doing so helps build more authentic connections. 

In this article, you'll find gift ideas for every love language. People often focus on their romantic partner's love language(s), but everyone has a love language. No matter your relationship with someone, you can find unique and meaningful ways to show them that you care. 

Gifts for Physical Touch Love Language

Let's start with one of the most common love languages: physical touch. A positive physical connection with a partner, family, or friends makes many people feel most loved. "Physical touch" can include cuddling, holding hands, or a sensual massage in a romantic relationship.

There are appropriate gifts for non-romantic friends as well as family members. Here are a few of our faves for those people in our lives who enjoy physical touch & feel most loved by it. 

  1. Massage coupon. Find a highly recommended massage therapist & book them the best massage in town. Massages promote relaxation & good health. And, of course, they make them feel oh-so-loved. (For a romantic partner, you may decide to give them a coupon for a massage from you!

  2. Long-distance touch bracelets. Silicone bracelet sets worn by both partners send vibrations when tapped; these are a great way to stay connected & send actual "love taps." They work from any distance as long as you both have the app open & are within 10 feet of your phone. Send the gift of touch, even when you’re apart! 

  3. A cozy blanket. A warm, cozy blanket feels like wrapping up in a hug. It's perfect for someone who loves that feeling. (You could even try a weighted blanket for an extra tight squeeze.) 

  4. Hugs & kisses. It may seem obvious, but giving lots of hugs and kisses will mean the world to a loved one who loves the gift of touch. Hand-deliver a beautiful love card with a warm embrace & a smooch! 

Gifts for Words of Affirmation Love Language

Some people feel most loved when you try to express the depth of your feelings for them in words. Think Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famous sonnet, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." People who are "words of affirmation" folks love giving & receiving lots of loving words.

You can't forget a card for these people! Often handwritten notes or cards mean the most to someone who loves affirmation; your words mean more than the physical gifts you give. Here are a few ideas for people who feel most loved by words. 

  1. Post-it notes. One of the sweetest ways to show love with words is leaving surprise post-it notes for your loved one. Leave them on their computer, stuck to the bathroom mirror, taped to the rear-view mirror in their car, or anywhere they will likely find them. Mention specific things you love about them; remember: it doesn't have to be a special occasion to leave a note.

  2. Make your love public. People who love words of affirmation enjoy your private expressions of love and when you tell others how special they are. Sharing kind words on social media seems unnecessary to some people, but it's significant to others. You can also toast them when you're having dinner with friends or family or send a beautiful card & mini pop-up flower bouquet to them at work with a handwritten love note.

  3. Book of love poems or quotes. If they love words, they would be delighted by a book of words about love. We recommend marking your favorite pages & tell them why those poems or quotes make you think of them. Sounds super romantic! 

  4. Conversation cards. These cards can help you find new things to discuss together. Conversation cards can be a starting point if you tend to be someone with fewer words. Pro tip: add in words of encouragement, love, and adoration as often as you see fit. 

Gifts for Giving/Receiving Gifts Love Language

Giving & receiving gifts probably seems like the most self-explanatory of the love languages, but many people struggle to buy the right presents for the "gift people" they know. 

The most important thing to remember when someone loves receiving gifts is this: listen so you can give a thoughtful gift. There are so many super-cool gifts in the world, but here are some of our favorite clever examples: 

  1. Something sentimental. "Gifts" people love knowing you planned to find the perfect present for them. From photo books to personalized kitchen gadgets to original artwork, a sentimental gift shows that you have taken special care to find something valuable to them. 

  2. A gift they asked for. Everyone has different ideas about what makes an excellent gift, but–again–listening to what someone wants and abiding by their wishes is the surest way to get a gift they truly love. 

  3. Unique gifts. If your friend or loved one hasn't requested something sentimental or specific, feel free to shop for something different based on their interests. A genuine surprise can be a lot of fun every now and then! 

  4. Themed gifts. Depending on the occasion, you can create themed gifts or order them from Etsy. You can also add an adorable pop-up card; we have one for almost every theme imaginable! 

Gifts for Acts of Service Love Language

Some people appreciate acts of service more than anything else. If they need help with something and you come through, they feel all warm and fuzzy. 

Gifts for "acts of service" people aren't always tangible things they can unwrap, but they are moments when you show up for them & help them out in a much-needed way. 

  1. A home-cooked meal. You'll notice that people who show love through acts of service will be the first to whip up a delicious home-cooked meal to care for the ones they love. If you want to give them a meaningful gift, think like you are them. Their favorite home-cooked meal is the ultimate act of service.

  2. The gift of a clean house. If you've asked someone special what they want & they say "a clean house," that's what they want! Call a local cleaning service (with excellent reviews!) and schedule a deep clean. Give them a sweet card & write inside to let them know what your plans are. Pro tip: double-check beforehand that they’re prepared.

  3. Help with a project. Helping someone with a project they've been stressing over can mean the world. Anything to alleviate stress for an acts-of-service person is the way to go. It can be as small as changing a light bulb they keep forgetting or as big as overhauling the landscaping. 

  4. Create a relaxing spa experience. Mix their favorite beverage, draw a relaxing bubble bath, and fill the house with the aroma of their favorite cookies baking. They'll feel so pampered & grateful that you thoughtfully arranged the experience. 

Gifts for Quality Time Love Language

"Quality time people" are those who have likely mentioned that they miss you & would love to get together soon. An experience or time together will mean the most on a special occasion. 

Send a pop-up flower bouquet with a note inside to let your loved one know what you have planned. They'll be thrilled! 

  1. An experience (together!). You can give tickets to a concert, schedule a skydiving adventure, or find a local wine-tasting event. You will both enjoy looking back on the beautiful time! 

  2. A special getaway. Life can be hectic, leaving "quality time people" feeling disconnected. Book a cabin in the mountains, a beach house, or a quiet Airbnb & give them the gift of lots of free time together. Reconnect, make new memories, and enjoy doing a whole lot of nothing. 

  3. A new game or puzzle. Maybe they want to try a new game or find time to do a puzzle. Surprise them with one, the other, or both. If the game requires extra people, maybe invite a few good friends over to celebrate their birthday & play the new game. Just ask them their preference first. Sometimes, they prefer 1:1 time with you, but other times they enjoy spending sweet time with the whole crew! 

  4. Date plans. Whether you stay in or go out, you can't go wrong telling them to pick a movie & you'll take care of the dinner reservations. You can plan a spontaneous date, or you can plan a month before. No matter which course you take, you're speaking their language! 

Love languages are a helpful tool to enrich our relationships with each other. We love love, so seeing people express love in meaningful ways is one of our favorite things! 

Our love language is sending special greeting cards, and we think it complements all of the other love languages beautifully. We hope you've found a way to speak your person’s love language, no matter what the occasion is. And remember: A beautiful card or bouquet from Lovepop's collection is the cherry on top of any gift!

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