A Magical #LovepopMoment: Just Because

A Magical #LovepopMoment: Just Because

Did you know August 27 is Just Because Day?

We love all occasions, but this is one of our favorites.

In the spirit of doing something beautiful for someone just because, here is a wonderful story from Amy H. (Keep tissues nearby!) It is truly a magical moment.

"My grandfather was born and raised on the Mississippi River.

He became a fisherman at the ripe old age of 7! He learned the river and watch many things travel by his window overlooking the Mississippi.

So, of course, I had sent him the Fishing Bear for his birthday... only after I had sent him a 'Just Because' Lovepop card of the beautiful Steamboat. It looks just like the Mississippi Queen did traveling down the river.

That card made such an impact on my grandpa that he displayed it in his fish market for all to see.

Grandpa only got to enjoy the beauty of his card not quite a year before he passed.

When my family and I arrived from out of state for his funeral, I was overwhelmed but comforted by what I saw. Right there, next to my grandpa, was the beautiful, but slightly dusty Steamboat card that I had sent him. Opened for all to see again.

I asked why they had it displayed and his wife had said that there wasn't a day since he received it that he didn't walk by it and say something about it.

'It's beautiful.' 'How did they make it?' 'I love it.' 'It makes me happy.'

It made my heart beam to think that I knew it was an awesome card, but to actually know that he cherished his card.

You never know when a 'Just Because' card could be so special for someone in life and in death."

Amy H.

Thank you for sharing your magical moment, Amy. Will you make someone's day even more beautiful on Just Because Day. Share it with us using #LovepopMoment

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