How a Lovepop is made

How a Lovepop is made

Every time you gift a Lovepop, you create two magical moments: One for you, one for them.

But! Before it even reaches your hands, we’ve tucked a whole lot of magic inside.

Our designers follow a special process to make each beautiful Lovepop card. And since we're all friends here, we'll share our secrets with you. 

Step 1: Sketch
Every design comes from the imagination of our team -- inspired by our experiences, our customers' ideas, and a collective quest to create the unexpected.

Step 2: Design
We use advanced 3D modeling software to engineer each card's paper sculpture based on shipbuilding technology and the ancient art of sliceform kirigami. (We call it Slicegami™!)

Step 3: Slice
Each design is matched with the perfect parchment from our exclusive paper library and is then intricately sliced by CO2 lasers. Yes. It is SO. Cool.

Step 4: Handcrafted
Every Lovepop is crafted by humans carefully woven and popped into place with lots of extra care and love.


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I absolutely Love these cards!! I give them to family and friends for Every occasion. Beautifully put together ❤

Shelly Harris

Such beautiful creations. Brought tears to my eyes.
Where are they assembled?


Are there any books explaining how to make these beautiful cards?

Beverly Iffland

I love watching the viedo of how you do this intricate process Wow! Such beauty in your beautiful I apreciate all you do in your company..Sincerly,Frances King

Frances King

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