How to propose with a Lovepop (it's happened!)

How to propose with a Lovepop (it's happened!)

We're psyched for the Royal nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this weekend, but first: We want to tell you another kind of fairy tale...

Nisha Kataria went on a whirlwind romantic tour of southeast Europe with her boyfriend Abhi last year.

On their flight to Hong Kong, she noticed an envelope on her seat. Inside was an Airplane Lovepop with a sweet note: "Nisha, Here's a card to celebrate the first of many trips together. Love, Abhi"




She found another card in their hotel room ("Welcome to Hong Kong, darling") and again at afternoon tea ("I'm so happy to have met you last year") — with Lovepops popping up throughout their trip.

By the end of their trip, Nisha had received six Lovepop cards, each with a special message or memory from Abhi. But still, she was a litttttttttle disappointed.

"The day we were leaving, I had been hoping he would propose, but it didn't look like it was going to happen," she remembers. "The morning of our final day, I was like, 'Hey, the trip was fun anyway.'"

But inside their villa in Thailand, Abhi woke Nisha and said, "Let's watch the sunrise before we leave."

"There was one final card on the table," she says. "But it was a flat card. So I was like, 'OK, there's no box, but at least get another one of these cards I've grown to love."

But inside was a Lovepop 3D Diamond Ring... AND A REAL RING!

Abhi proposed, Nisha said "yes," and the two were married in December in their hometown of Phoenix. But before they said "I do," Abhi delivered another card upon their return home. A Lovepop Barrel Cactus with promise of many more adventures together. 

Today, Nisha owns Doggie in the Mirror, a canine spa in downtown Phoenix. They carry a range of Lovepops for customers and she plans to frame the romantic lead-up to their proposal in her store

"I've learned that people love a good story," she said. "Especially when it's a real, genuine, good story.

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