How to honor heroes on Veterans Day and beyond

How to honor heroes on Veterans Day and beyond

veterans day how to honor veterans each and every day

On November 11th we celebrate Veterans Day, a federal holiday honoring and commemorating U.S. military veterans who have served and protected our homeland. It is a day to celebrate and praise those who have provided us with lasting freedom, and should continue to be honored throughout the year! Therefore, we should always be thinking of ways to honor the veterans who have put their lives on the line for our country.

One simple way to share love with these heroes is by sending them letters. Studies have shown that receiving a hand-written message can help stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation, and help people feel happier. Cards and letters are a tangible source of love, support, and gratitude for those who have served. 

National organizations like Operation Gratitude and A Million Thanks are great resources for finding out how to send cards to our beloved veterans and active troops. You can also find local organizations that gather and send cards to individuals and groups in your area. For example, Lovepop regularly donates cards to organizations like Boston-based Santa's Magic, who engage with the local community to bring the joy of the holiday season to hospitalized and aging veterans.

While Veterans Day and the holidays are moments worth celebrating, those who serve and have served our country need our support all year long. Do your part to share love and show gratitude to those who keep us safe. Need a card? Check out our Thank You, Just Because, and Patriotic collections to find the perfect card to surprise and delight any veteran for years to come.
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