Happy Birthday Japanese Maple!

Happy Birthday Japanese Maple!

Fall is nearly here and we are celebrating the creation of one of our most popular trees: Japanese Maple!
This gorgeous scarlet tree was dreamed up by our designer Kathie (say "hi!" below) and has quickly become a steadfast favorite at birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and all of the above!
It's incredible just how much one little tree can accomplish when it sets out on its mission to create magical moments around the world!

Let's take a look at a year in the life of Japanese Maple....

Our newborn tree was able cheer up Tracy B.'s friend on her birthday in September. "My friend had been going through a bad year and I wanted to send her a nice card for her birthday so I sent her Japanese Maple," she said. "She absolutely loved it and has it opened on her dresser. She called and said, 'It's stunning.'"

In October, Trisha M. was able to add a little fall color to her mother's new home thanks to Japanese Maple. "My mom just moved from her large home that had a huge maple tree into a small apartment that has no trees yet," she said. "When she opened this card it brought tears to her eyes."

Artur C. created an amazing magical moment with Japanese Maple for his wife in November. "My wife is in the hospital with a rare disease and I brought her this beautiful card on the 25th anniversary of our first kiss," he said. "It was as beautiful and meticulous as it appeared online, and she lit up with joy on opening it. Shared with and admired by the entire hospital staff."

Japanese Maple made the holidays even merrier for Barry G. in December. "When my wife opened this card, the best way to describe it was a 'moment of joy,'" he said. "She certainly didn't expect to see something so beautiful, so intricately designed, and so unusual 'jump' out at her, and she was simply delighted. The card was immediately passed around all at our holiday party so everyone could take a closer look."

And brought Gary and his partner even more joy in January. "My significant other had a dwarf Japanese Maple in his yard all his life," he said. "It had to be left behind when his lifetime family home was sold. When I saw this card I thought it would be perfect.... when I received this card I knew it would be magical... I’d better have tissues handy. This card will be saved for years to come."

It was a no-brainer for Valentine's Day for Darren G. in February: "Although not a typical Valentine's card, the bright red made it work," he said. "This card stands out from the rest of the other cards on the shelves. Trust me. If you're wanting to grab someone's attention, this card is for you. This is a card she'll save."

In March, Japanese Maple joined Faith M.'s future Lovepop Museum! "I have 8 cards so far, and I know this will become a collection I will cherish for years to come," she said. "The delicacy, intricacy, and genius that goes into each design are so special. I am already planning the next order of cards! I envision a room with long tables along the walls with Lovepop cards displayed on the tables like a small art museum display for my friends and family to appreciate and enjoy!" Wow! 

A magical memory was unlocked for Elisabeth S. with Japanese Maple in April. "My mother, in particular, loves these cards," she said. "When we were children she loved making us folded and cut-out patterns, and teaching us to cut snowflakes. She now has cancer, and to be able to lift her spirits is a very valuable thing!"

Japanese Maple was the perfect cheer-me-up for Cathy R.'s brother-in-law in May! "I sent it to my brother-in-law after he had eye surgery, so he would have something lovely to look at when his vision cleared," she said. "He loved it, and they will be taking it to church bingo to show their friends."

And in June, Japanese Maple got a desk job thanks to Ellen L.: "I gave the Japanese Maple card to a friend of mine who is very ecologically aware," she said. "It's her favorite tree. She is a geologist and a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines. The tree sits in her office and everyone comments on it."

90 never felt so good thanks to Robin B.'s kindness in July! "Gave to a lovely lady at her 90th birthday party!" she said. "She cannot see very well so was unable to read all her other cards except this one! This one she could see quite plainly on her own which pleased her to no end!"

And Japanese Maple and Barbara R. made one more incredible magical moment in August. "I sent this to our 95-year-old friend and she was amazed by the details of the cuts in the leaves and delighted by the pop-up beauty of the deep red tree. At night, she puts it under her bedside lamp with the light on."

Japanese Maple was able to have an incredible first year thanks to the thoughtfulness and magic of you! Thank you — and Happy Birthday, Japanese Maple!

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