Here are the hidden meanings behind some of your favorite flowers...

Here are the hidden meanings behind some of your favorite flowers...


rose bloom pop up cards

If Valentine's Day means one thing: It's cards. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about Valentine's Day cards ;)

But let's be real, what's more romantic than your Valentine showing up to your door with a handwritten love note and flowers? Still, most flowers wilt after only a few days. Lovepop flowers, however, last forever.

How do you know which floral Lovepop is right for your loved one? We've researched the meanings behind a wide variety of our flowers to ensure that you're giving the best card for each person in your life.

rose bloom pop up cards

Red Rose: LOVE. ROMANCE. LUST. What's a romantic gesture without a bundle of red roses? Red roses are the flower of choice for either your significant other or your crush this year for Valentine's Day. Whether you're working up the courage to say "I love you," or you're telling your partner "I love you" for the millionth time, let a bouquet of red roses do the talking for you this year.

rose bouquet white pop up card

White Rose: MARRIAGE. SPIRITUALITY. SYMPATHY. Nothing says marriage quite like a bright white rose. Whether you know someone who's about to get married or recently just tied the knot, send them a white rose to wish them luck in life's latest adventure. White roses also symbolize sympathy and spirituality, making them a thoughtful gift to give to someone who has suffered a loss or is going through a tough time.

Yellow Rose: FRIENDSHIP. JOY. GOOD HEALTH. Yellow roses are the perfect way to celebrate those super special lasting friendships in your life. Think of all of the happy and joyful times you've shared -- don't forget to remind your friends how much you care about them. A yellow rose is also an excellent way to celebrate someone's good health if they've been sick, or a general wish for good health to those closest to you in life.

orchid pop up card

Pink Orchid: ADMIRATION. GRACE. RESPECT. Who do you look up to most in life? A pink orchid is a lovely gift to give someone you admire and respect. Whether this is your mom, your boss, or even your best friend, a pink orchid will make them feel extra special. Pink orchids are also a friendly gift to give someone who exhibits a graceful nature in their day-to-day.

lily bloom pop up card

Stargazer Lily: PROSPERITY. ASPIRATION. OPTIMISM. Give a stargazer lily to someone who's about to start a embark on a new journey in their life. The colorful flower is sure to spark optimism for the recipient of this beautiful floral design and your support will make their transition that much easier. A stargazer lily is also the perfect flower to give to someone who exudes confidence. This little flower surely stands out in a bouquet!

Pink Tulip: AFFECTION. FRIENDSHIP. GOOD WISHES. Pink tulips are a Galentine's Day specialty if you ask us. Tell your best friend how much he/she means to you. Our tulip card is the perfect paper hug for your bestie -- although they deserve a real hug every once and a while, too! Wish them good luck with whatever new project they're currently working on.

sunflower pop up card

Sunflower: HAPPINESS. LOYALTY. VITALITY. Everyone has that one friend who's a constant ray of sunshine, always bringing light, laughter, and smiles. Sunflowers are the perfect bright and yellow way to remind someone of how much happiness they bring to your life. Send a sunflower to someone whose vibrant and cheery personality "gives you life."

daisy pop up card

Daisy: INNOCENCE. NEW BEGINNINGS. FERTILITY. Do you know any new moms? A daisy card would be perfect for someone with a new little bundle of joy in their life. Daisies are also often a symbol of new beginnings. If your child is finally heading off to college, your friend just accepted a new job, or maybe your sibling just closed on their first house, send them a daisy card to wish them good luck with new endeavors.

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I received my first lovepop card last week and loved it!! Such an appropriate flower for the time in my life, stargazer lily, encourage me for the future!! I already have sent one out to a friend!!

Gloria Marconi

Most amazing customer service possible. I rec’d 4 of 8 cards and the shipping envelope was open. I sent an email to lovepop early on a Saturday morning, and 30 min later received an email that my order was placed. I thought “What order?” Immediately after that I received another email saying a replacement shipment was on the way. 30 minutes. 3-0 minutes. From me sending the email to getting a confirmation for more than I expected. On top of this, the order was sent Fedex and arrived on Tuesday. This company is amazing!

Hiram Davis



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