Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

You're thanking your lucky stars for that Special Someone in your life, and you want to acknowledge the unique quirks and qualities of their zodiac sign—because those are the things that make them so lovable. What are the best Valentine's Day zodiac sign gifts?

This article offers the best Valentine's Day gifts for every zodiac sign. Finding the perfect personalized zodiac gift can feel overwhelming, but this guide will help you give a thoughtful, personalized Valentine's Day zodiac gift that aligns with your valentine!

Your considerate gift will keep your flame burning and make your valentine feel oh-so-loved this Valentine's Day!

Aries - The Trailblazing Romantic

(March 21-April 19) 

Aries Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card


Your Aries Valentine is a passionate, confident risk-taker. They aren't afraid of attention; your attention is their ultimate gift. They enjoy a bit of adventure, competition, and surprises. So, what we're saying here is that the gift possibilities are abundant for the Aries you love.

  • A new board game to play together—chances are, they will win! 
  • Gift cards to try new adventurous activities, like skydiving or other experiences, from websites like Giftory. 
  • Concert tickets to see their favorite artist—or someone new! 
  • A romantic weekend getaway somewhere they've never been before. 
  • Lovepop's Valentine's Day packs will show your passionate Aries how much you adore them. Enclose a gift card for a new experience inside the pop-up card or bouquet.

Taurus - The Sensual Sweetheart

(April 20-May 20) 

Taurus Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card 

The Taurus you know and love is stubborn yet loyal and committed. They love "quality time" and are always reliable, but hearing the same from you means a lot to them. Gifting can be straightforward for your sensual sweetheart.

  • Homemade treats are a great way to show your love for a Taurus—make their favorites and hand-deliver on Valentine's Day! 
  • A cozy blanket for your quality time together, snuggling at home. 
  • A relaxing, yet fun, experience to enjoy together—like a spa day, weekend trip, or something else they have specifically mentioned wanting to do together. 
  • A unique and artsy Valentine's Day pop-up bouquet with a heartfelt handwritten note will express your commitment, loyalty, and love. Taureans love lists of things you love about them, too! 
  • They'll love an upgrade to one of their favorite practical items—whether a kitchen gadget, tech device, or something else they've been waiting a while to replace.

Gemini - The Charming Communicator

(May 21-June 20)

Gemini Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card

The life of the party, curious, creative, and ready to learn and try anything new—those are some of the best ways to describe the Gemini you know and love. The best gifts for Geminis celebrate their adventurous spirits and curiosity.

  • A bucket list book for them to plan & record all of their grand adventures. 
  • Couples' trivia nights or painting classes can be fun for smart folks who enjoy a challenge. 
  • A new puzzle to work on together—or for them to enjoy during their free time! 
  • Concert tickets are an excellent gift for Geminis, who want less traditional gifts & exciting experiences. 
  • A Valentine's Day card or bouquet from Lovepop is a thoughtful gift—alone or alongside another exciting gift. 

Cancer - The Nurturing Romantic

(June 21-July 22)

Cancer Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card


Cancers are sensitive romantics; the most meaningful gift you can give them is loving words of affirmation. That makes Valentine's Day the perfect occasion to write a handwritten note with heartfelt words to melt their heart—or to give them some other super-sweet gift.

  • Something sea-inspired, such as artwork or a candle, will bring the ocean into this water sign's home. 
  • A sentimental photo album will be meaningful; you can even share little notes about each photo or memory you two have shared. 
  • Share a personal note inside a pop-up Valentine's Day card to thank her for making every day special, especially Valentine's Day. 
  • How about an adorable stuffed animal for your Cancer to cuddle when you aren't around? They'll surely appreciate the cuteness and nostalgia your thoughtful gift evokes. 
  • Perfume or cologne is another excellent choice for this sign if you know what they like to wear. 

Leo - The Regal Romancer

(July 23-August 22)

Leo Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card 

Leos are dramatic yet kind and caring. They love being acknowledged for their achievements and helping others embrace their best qualities. Letting your Leo know how much you adore them means the world to them.

  • Give a Valentine's Day pack from Lovepop to make a grand gesture.
  • Theater tickets are a super fun gift for a drama-loving Leo.
  • Posters, records, or other keepsakes from their favorite band, show, or actor will make them smile. 
  • Unique, artistic wall mirrors are a fun choice to allow your Leo love to admire themselves. 
  • Haircare is essential to every Leo. They take their mane-care very seriously, so restock a favorite product or find a fancy new haircare product or styling tool they've been asking for. 

Virgo - The Thoughtful Organizer

(August 23-September 22)

Virgo Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card

They're organized and practical, caring and kindhearted. They enjoy organizing, learning about their passions, and teaching others. They're notoriously thoughtful and charming, thus deserving of an equally lovely & thoughtful gift.

  • Calendars and planners are great gifts, but they've likely already gotten one for the new year. Consider stickers, colored pens, or markers for their planning & organizing. 
  • Self-care gifts, such as a fancy bath set, massage gift card, mindfulness journal, or home back-and-neck massager, can help Virgos alleviate some stress. 
  • Send (or hand-deliver) a Lovepop greeting card to tell them you admire everything about their cute, organized, and kindhearted personality. 
  • A comforting blanket or robe is perfect for this earth sign, which tends to love linens & textiles. 

Libra - The Artistic Romantic

(September 23-October 22)

Libra Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card

They're creative, love talking, are great listeners, and give the best advice. For Valentine's Day, let them know how much you treasure them, their fabulous advice, and their funny memes. Remember to tell them you value them precisely as they are; they'll be so glad to hear it!

  • Keep a list of items they say they like; your Libra will be delighted to know you were listening so closely when they pointed out a top or necklace in the mall. 
  • An audiobook or subscription to listen to them on Audible—for when they want to do the listening for a change. 
  • Aromatherapy body patches, like the ones from Breatherapy, are fun. Various scents in assorted packages promote relaxation, self-care, and increased energy. 
  • A Valentine's Day pop-up bouquet is a perfect gift for the Libra; they can display it for many months—and will love to because of their unique, aesthetic vibe. 
  • Opal jewelry is a sweet, dainty statement of love in the Libra's birthstone. 

Scorpio - The Passionate Lover

(October 23-November 21)

Scorpio Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card 

Scorpios love pouring their heart into the things that mean the most to them—and they love when you reciprocate that and make them feel adored and valued on Valentine's Day.

  • Create a video card or love letter to tell them how much they mean to you, sprinkled with videos or photos of your sweetest shared memories. 
  • A shimmery eye shadow palette from Huda Beauty is perfect for a makeup-loving Scorpio. The Nude Obsessions, Rose Quartz, or Pretty Grunge palettes are all beautiful choices. 
  • Express your deepest emotions with a Lovepop Valentine's Day pack, like the Love Delivery Truck bundle
  • Luxurious loungewear is perfect for the Scorpio who loves to stay home but lounge in style—a designer sweatshirt or silk camisole set are lovely loungey gifts. 
  • If they're passionate about travel, you could give them a new piece of luggage—like a carry-on suitcase from Away. 

Sagittarius - The Adventurous Explorer

(November 22-December 21) 

Sagittarius Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card

Sagittarians love adventure and spontaneity. They tend to be incredibly cool, have a great sense of humor, and recharge best with alone time. What gifts will make your Sagittarian feel loved this Valentine's Day?

  • With each sip, a turquoise crystal water bottle from Beau Life will serve your favorite Sagittarius calming energy. Make them feel loved and keep them hydrated!e
  • A spontaneous outdoor adventure, such as a hiking or camping trip, will make them feel loved and energized. (You can offer to go or send them alone!) 
  • Simple but elegant jewelry—perhaps featuring a tiny turquoise or topaz gemstone—is another sweet gift for your Sagittarian.  
  • You can choose a Lovepop pop-up flower bouquet that will match their spirit of adventure. There are some charming ones!
  • A fun new game like "Who in the Room?" will give them a chance to speak their mind—a gift to them, no doubt, but beware! 

Capricorn - The Pragmatic Romantic

(December 22-January 19) 

Capricorn Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card 

Capricorns are practical, ambitious, and often overachievers. They love thoughtful gifts that are not too flashy. For Capricorns, it's the little things—vintage finds, earthy decor, and relaxing candles.

  • Of course, a Valentine's Day Card (for her) from Lovepop can add romance to a small, practical gift. 
  • A hanging terrarium is a sweet gift for a Capricorn who loves unique home decor. 
  • Replenish their lip care collection with new practical nude lipstick and liner from Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk collection.
  • Rooted candles from Modern Sprout are a 2:1 gift—once the candle has burned, you can plant the seeds inside the ceramic vessel. 
  • A cozy fleece jacket will feel like a warm hug, even when you can't be together. It is stylish, practical, and comfortable without being flashy. 

Aquarius - The Free-Spirited Innovator

(January 20-February 18) 

Aquarius Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card 

Your favorite Aquarian is a selfless humanitarian, continually setting goals to improve the world—and your relationship. So, they want to feel a special connection to you on Valentine's Day. What gifts can make them feel appreciated and deeply connected?

  • An artsy coloring book or mindfulness journal will help them relax and let their minds wander as they plan for world peace. 
  • An indoor tabletop water foundation can bring a sense of peace & calm to the water-bearer. Wind & Weather's website offers many different styles (within different price ranges).
  • A pop-up Valentine's Day greeting card from Lovepop offers a unique touch to your Valentine's Day gifts for your favorite Aquarius. (We think they'll really love this card, which features two waffles and the saying: "I like you a waffle lot.") 
  • Fresh flowers, such as 'The Aquarius' arrangement from Urban Stems 
  • Ethically sourced jewelry is best for Aquarians who want to ensure that they improve the world, including for the people who made their jewelry.  

Pisces - The Dreamy Romantic

(February 19-March 20) 

Pisces Zodiac Birthday Pop-Up Card 

Pisces are empathetic, sensitive, dreamy, and creative. They are easy to find lovely gifts for because they appreciate romance and relaxation, so anything that speaks to that side of them is a win!

  • A Lovepop pack featuring paper roses & a Love Explosion pop-up card will surely be a Pisces favorite.
  • The Pisces bracelet set from Tiny Rituals is meaningful and dreamy, fitting for the fish of the zodiac. The set includes amethyst, sodalite, aquamarine, and rainbow moonstone. 
  • A salt bath set or bath bombs are also ideal & provide relaxation for this water sign. 
  • Sensory deprivation floating experiences are a unique gift that will provide the ultimate relaxation to the Pisces you love. Make it a date, and float together! 
  • A personalized Pisces gift set from Etsy is another sweet, thoughtful gift for your Pisces love. 

"What's your sign, Valentine?" Selecting personalized Valentine's Day gifts shows your attention to detail for the one you love most. People feel loved when you show interest in everything from their favorite color to their zodiac sign.

Explore Lovepop's Valentine's Day collections today to find the perfect Valentine's Day cards & gifts for every zodiac sign. When Cupid's arrow strikes, you'll know what to give this Valentine's Day.

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