10 magical moments featuring dads across the Lovepop community

10 magical moments featuring dads across the Lovepop community

We asked you to share your most magical moments with a dad in your life ahead of Father's Day.

And boy... you did NOT disappoint! 

We picked 20 of our favorite inspiring, heartwarming, and wonderful entries to share. Here are the first 10. Check back later this week for the next batch of 10. 

And while our contest is over, we still love reading through the story submissions as they roll in. So please, continue to share and spread the magic.

Magical Moments Father's Day Contest Terms and Conditions

"My most magical Dad moment was after our miracle daughter was born and my husband was holding her for the first time. After a long time of trying and a difficult pregnancy as I was on bedrest, she came out perfectly healthy!

My husband who works in law enforcement would work a full day and then come home and take care of everything in the house as I was in bed rest ensuring our daughter would not come early. He is the rock of our family and holding her for the first time he knew his world was complete and everything was worth it!" -- Suzanne C.

"Today will be the magical moment with my dad. I'm 51 and I was adopted at birth. Today, in a few hours, I will be picking up my dad and mom at the airport and meeting them, face to face, for the very first time!!!" -- Kristie G.

"My favorite memory is my wedding day! My father has worked hard his whole life and I've never seen him in a suit! On my wedding day, he looked so handsome! He was in a full tux with black tie! He was so happy and looked so elegant!" -- Amber M.

"Mine is more of a passion that was passed down by my father and grandmother. He enjoyed gardening and was an excellent baker. He did a lot of food canning, making jams and jellies. Although I don't remember helping him with any canning, the passion was passed down.

Now, 7 years after my grandmother passing, and 3 years after my father passing, I can say their love of gardening and food preservation has pushed me to follow them and continue on with their beliefs. I have a degree in Horticulture and love vegetable gardening. At work, I have been known as the Salsa Queen, because one year I made and canned 17 different types of salsa. My father and grandmother are always with me in spirit every time I do my canning!" -- Bobbi Jo H.

"My favorite moment with my father is when just the two of us watched my very first meteor shower as a kid. It's also the first time I saw the Northern Lights. It sparked my interest in astronomy!" -- Heather C.

"I don't know if you would consider this a magical moment, but my most memorable memory of my dad was when I was a teen. My stepmom at the time let him know the importance of showing affection. I remember every morning before he left to work, he would hug me. It became a routine and expected. One day he forgot and I actually cried. Lol. Anyway, it's not really a moment that's magical, but it's something I will always remember and I am 29 years old now." -- Desiree D.

"When my biological dad and my amazing stepfather who raised me finally met for the first time at my wedding. I know you said favorite dad moment, but to me, this will always be my moment... when we all became a full and complete circle. They both met and my heart became complete." -- Tammy A.

"When I was 12, I finally got to meet him. All my life up until that point I wondered what he looked like, sounded like, his personality. It all exceeded my expectations. He was so kind and funny. The first thing he said to me was: 'I can't believe I made something so beautiful.' It was the best day of my life. We spent the next four years getting to know each other and having an amazing time. Then cancer came and took him away. I'd give anything to go back to 2002 and relive that moment." -- Mandee M.

"Dad teaching his daughter how to drive. Lord knows! It's no easy feat trying to have a 15-year-old listen and take criticism while trying not to die. The same dad also told her at six-years-old: 'The sky is not your limit. We've sent people into space.'" -- Nicolette C.

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Do you have a cruise ship as a card


Gail, thank you so much for sharing. He sounds like a very kind and caring father. You are so lucky to have each other.


My Dad is Unique! To me that is! Why I say that is because he is not my biological Dad!
My Dad is proof you become a Dad by demonstrating unconditional love of the child! Whether that child is yours by birth or was chosen! He has given me a good home to come home to ! He has provided food for our table that is never go hungry! He has made sure I had clothes on my back and a bed I could lay my head ! Most of all and in fact most important, patience and unconditional love ! No matter what I did , I knew he was always there ! With arms wide open , a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on ! I Love you Dad!
Happy Father’s Day to him and all Dad’s that chose their child ! Where would we be without you ! ❤️


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