The Office World's Best Dad Mug Pop-Up Card

The Ideal Gifts to Give a Dad for Father’s Day


The Office World's Best Dad Pop Up Card for Father's Day


Your relationship with your dad is one of the most important relationships you will ever have, but we don’t have to tell you that. His comforting words stick with you forever. His smile and laugh are contagious. All it takes is a pat on the back from him to feel seen & loved. It’s hard to find adequate words to convey just how much he means to you, but you are determined to give it a try. 

We are here to help you brainstorm thoughtful messages for his Father's Day card, fun-filled activities for Father's Day weekend, and of course the very best gift ideas!

If you really want to surprise & delight your dad (or husband!) this Father’s Day, there are a million ways to make it happen. For the sake of time, we are going to share eight of the best gifts to give your dad or husband for Father’s Day. 

1. An Irreverent Travel Guide

Whether your dad is a seasoned traveler or an armchair enthusiast, he will find Anthony Bourdain’s travel guide & stories fascinating. He might also enjoy a framed Bourdain quote for his office or the kitchen. This gift of connection to the world will be entertaining and educational for dad. He will be talking about it for months, guaranteed!

2. One Little Tech Gadget that Does Everything

The affordable Echo Show 8 provides Dad with a personal assistant to control his smart home, manage his daily calendar, or help him pull up tv shows, podcasts, and news articles. The Echo also makes video calls & messaging easier, and it functions as a digital photo frame when it isn’t in use. This gift is perfect for the dad who is curious about technology & enjoys efficiency. 

3. Apple Watch Accessories 

If he loves his Apple Watch, get him a snazzy metal watch strap to wear for events and nights out. If he doesn’t have the watch yet, then an Apple Watch would make a super gift if you really want to spoil Dad this Father’s Day. 

4. A New Way to Brew

Dad loves his morning coffee while he watches the news or reads a favorite book. If he has hinted about a new coffee maker, investigate the options to find one that will take his morning cup o’ joe to the next level. From the top-rated Keurig K-Elite single cup coffee maker to the Chemex pour-over glass coffee maker, there are countless ways to give your dad the gift of coffee this Father’s Day. 

Quintessential Father’s Day Gifts for Your Husband

Your husband is one of the most important dads in your life – he’s Dad to your kids! You want to make him feel as important & legendary as he is. That’s no easy feat when the first gifts to come to mind are coffee mugs, ties, and… tools? If your husband has asked for one of those things, then by all means go for it! But, if you want to give him something unique, check out these Father’s Day gifts for your husband: 

1. An Unprecedented Bottle of Bourbon

An amazing collaboration between Fred Noe, from the founding family of bourbon, and Shinji Fukuyo, from the founding house of Japanese whisky, has brought us the amazing Legent Bourbon Whiskey. Your hubby will feel spoiled when you give him a bottle of bourbon as legendary as he is. 

2. At Home Pampering

No dad is going to argue with a massage! Spoil him with a fancy back & neck massager with heat. For a real super-splurge, check out a home massage chair for the ultimate relaxing gift for Father’s Day. Parenthood & life’s other responsibilities take their toll on the body and mind, and having a relaxation setup at home is the gift that keeps giving – on Dad’s most exhausting days. And mom’s too. Win-win. *wink* 

3. Personalized Gifts for Young Dads

If your husband is a first-time dad, he will cherish a framed personalized photo of himself with his little guy or gal. There are lots of these out there, so find the style that your husband will like the most. 

4. Something Out of this World

If your husband is an astronomy enthusiast, you can surprise him with quite a few interesting gifts & an awesome Buzz Lightyear pop-up card to let him know you think that he’s a galactic Dad! It’s a little cheesy, but he’s a dad so he’ll get it. Don't forget to add a special message to make your husband's Father's Day even more special.

Really, the sky’s the limit…


We wish a happiest Father’s Day to our Lovepop family & hope that you’ve found some epic Father’s Day ideas in this guide. It’s fun to dedicate a day (or a couple) to doing all of dad’s favorite things & surprising him with things that will make him feel a little spoiled. 

Don’t forget to pick up one of the cutest pop-up cards on the planet & let him know that you don’t care if it’s corny because he’s simply the best Pop. Happy Father’s Day!


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