Beer Pop-Up Card

10 Fun Things To Do With Dad for Father's Day

Even if you've already found a great Father's Day gift, there's truly no substitute for spending some quality time with dad. Traditionally, Father's Day might have been celebrated with breakfast in bed or opening up carefully selected ties. This year, forgo the neckwear. Take a chance and shower him with your attention and time. There are plenty of simple but enjoyable ways to bond with one of the most important men in your life. Check out our 10 fun things do to with dad on Father's Day.

Beer Pop-Up Card


  1. Make something together. Whether it’s a puzzle, time capsule, homemade ice cream, or your own beer, you’ll be glad to share these special memories forever! If you decide to throw a home brewing party in his honor, make sure you give him this beer pop-up card in the picture above. He’ll love it! 
  2. Host a backyard BBQ or picnic, but you do the grilling this time. Give Dad this super-cute pop up card & let him know he’s The Best Flippin’ Dad ever! 
  3. Cooking Class. Taking Dad out to dinner is traditional, but learning to make a meal with him is an experience that you'll both fondly look back on for years to come. Check out Sur La Table, Whole Foods, or even your local grocery store for both private and group classes.
  4. Mini-Golf. Even if he's already a golf pro, mini-golfing is the perfect way to incorporate your entire family for some much needed bonding. Putt-putt is sure to bring out some laughs along with a little healthy competition!
  5. Build Something. Dads love to tinker with tools. Ask him to spend the day showing you around the man cave. Learn how to use the power-drill correctly or even attempt to build something small like a birdhouse or mailbox. Let him show-off; he’ll be in his element!
  6. Take A Hike. Getting back to nature is the perfect break from the work week. The separation from computers, phones, and other distractions will provide much needed relaxation for dad. It's also a great opportunity for some meaningful conversation and story-telling.
  7. Have A Movie Night. Gather dad’s favorite snacks, maybe the fixings for his favorite cocktail, and rent his favorite movie. Give your dad the night to enjoy some quality time and watch his favorite film.
  8. Take a Tour! Invite him to join you for lunch and a virtual museum tour. Get your best technology ready for your leisurely tour. No need to get dressed up, or even dressed, if Dad doesn’t want to! If you wish you could take him in person, this is for sure the next best thing.
  9. Take a road trip in his dream car! This one is super fun! Rent your dad’s dream car and take an unforgettable road trip together. It could be a simple afternoon joy ride or a long weekend, but it will give both of you memories to last a lifetime. Give him a thoughtful classic car card with a lovely message while you’re on your excursion! 
  10. Take a family camping trip or a float trip & make special memories together outdoors. Celebrate Father’s Day with outdoor activities that he loves: hiking, reminiscing around the campfire, or boating. 


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