DIY: How to make a Gingerbread Village with Lovepop

DIY: How to make a Gingerbread Village with Lovepop

DIY Lovepop Gingerbread Village Holiday

We love a good DIY here at Lovepop HQ — who doesn't? The holiday season is a perfect time to break out your box of craft supplies (we know you all have one) and get creative!

Lovepop cards are always a great gift to give during the holiday season. We checked our lists twice, and decided to create a special surprise just for you! We've come up with two awesome Lovepop DIYs that are guaranteed to add more cheer to your holidays this year! (For the record: we totally approve of pro-craft-ination, especially around the holidays.) 

Our first project was inspired by all the festive sweet treats you can find this time of year! There's a good chance that you already have most of the supplies you need for this DIY at home. You can decide if you want to build a little village or a big city. Maybe you're a budding architect and have the drive to construct a gingerbread skyscraper — props to you!

We decided to keep it simple with these three itty bitty cottages. A little one-horse town. If you want to learn how to create a magical and decorative scene, check out our instructions below:

DIY Gingerbread Supplies Lovepop

Gather your supplies. We used the following, but feel free to use whatever decorations you would like!
- Graham Crackers (Hack for easier building!)
- Royal Icing
- An assortment of decorating candy
- Flat surface for building
- A Lovepop card, we chose the Night Before Christmas Tree & Santa Train!
DIY Lovepop Gingerbread Village
STEP 1: Take three long graham crackers and break them in half (creating six squares).
DIY Gingerbread Village Lovepop
STEP 2: Take four squares and ice the two vertical edges of each with royal icing.
DIY Gingerbread Village
STEP 3: Stick the four square together to make an open box.
DIY Lovepop Gingerbread Village
STEP 4: Take your last two remaining squares and ice the two horizontal edges of each. Stick the two squares together at an angle and place on top of your already built open box.
Let your house dry until the royal icing is fully hardened.
DIY Lovepop Gingerbread VIllage
STEP 5: Decorate as you wish! Check out our finished builds for some fun inspiration!
DIY Gingerbread Village Lovepop
STEP 6: Now that your house is complete, repeat as many times as you wish.
DIY Gingerbread Village Lovepop
STEP 7: All that's left to do is to pick your favorite festive Lovepop card to feature as the centerpiece of your magical holiday village!
We want to see your DIY Holly Jolly Gingerbread Village builds! Share a picture with us using our hashtag #lovepopmoment! 
Video Production by Pooja Harinath
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Great idea. I’ll do this next year. Love these cards

Joanne Groo

I Love your cards!!!! Will be buying your cards….Always!!! Love this gingerbread idea! Everyone that I’ve given these to, and have them displayed all year!!!


Years ago I made a similar tree ornament, using Social Tea cookies. These are so cute. I received a Love Pop card today, and decided to check out your website. Future purchases!

Anne Albano

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