We're makin' history with Disney's Dumbo

We're makin' history with Disney's Dumbo

Disney's Dumbo Lovepop card

Ready, Set, Soar! Calling all Disney fans!

The newest and most adorable card to join the Lovepop family is... you guessed it: Dumbo!

Our designer Norma looked to the 1941 cartoon version of "Disney's Dumbo" for inspiration on this high-flying new design. "I love the message about friendship and believing in yourself. The friendship between Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse, and the love between Dumbo and his mother is endearing and inspiring as well," said Norma.

Norma continued to say how "by using a cloud as a base for the 3D sculpture, I was able to make him look like he was flying freely in the sky. I hope that when someone opens the card, they will feel like they're flying alongside Dumbo -- knowing that anything is possible if you believe in yourself."

This sweet baby elephant was always made fun of for his oversized ears until Dumbo discovered that his big ears allowed him to fly. Everyone in the circus learned a valuable lesson that day -- our uniqueness is what makes us special.

Dumbo received a lot of encouragement from his best pal Timothy Q. and his family. We wanted to provide you with a few words of encouragement that you can use to cheer someone on who's having a rough time. Taking a few extra seconds to show someone that you care and believe in them can make all the difference!

You are...

  • Ele-phantastic
  • Powered by dreams
  • The star of the show
  • Makin' history
  • Tough
  • Brave
  • Strong
  • Supported
  • Worth it
  • Courageous
  • Special
  • Awesome
  • Loved
  • Unique
  • Charismatic
  • Positive
  • Optimistic
  • Full of light
  • Full of warmth
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Changing the world
  • Making people smile
  • Compassionate
  • Passionate
  • Appreciated

We believe in you because we know you're capable of great things.
Don't be afraid to take risks.
Your positive vibes make the world go 'round

Your uniqueness is what makes you special.
Hot diggity! You're flyin'! You're flyin'!
You can do it!
Dreams can take you anywhere.
Ready. Set. Soar!

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