Soaring higher, further, faster with Captain Marvel

Soaring higher, further, faster with Captain Marvel


We can't wait for Captain Marvel to bring HIGHER, FURTHER, FASTER to the big screen on March 7. But months before, behind top secret Lovepop doors, we were already planning our own ode to Marvel's latest Super Hero. Our Captain Marvel pop-up card features Carol Danvers soaring through space -- ready to save the universe in stunning laser-cut 3D.

Behind this Marvel-ous design is Kincso, a Lovepop designer who shares her own magical super hero story with us -- and hopes her new card will inspire future generations to dream Higher, Further, Faster, too.

Were you a big super hero fan growing up?

With the exception of an episode or two or "Spider-Man," I can't say that I watched or read super hero movies, series, or comics growing up. As a little girl in Hungary, access to non-gendered or female super heroes was practically nonexistent. It's likely, for this reason, I didn't personally relate to super heroes.

It is an entirely different story now, of course. It's part of my job is to be familiar with the Super Hero universe. But even more importantly, there are now super heroes that I can relate to.

When did you first see yourself in a super hero?

I don't remember exactly what year it was, but I was about 23 years old. I walked into a toy store at the airport in Budapest and saw a female super hero figurine.

My first thought was that the product as a whole, including the packaging, was beautiful. The colors were brighter and more saturated than the usual super hero toys. I realized that I had never seen a super hero in a skirt before. It was a bittersweet moment that left a lasting impression on me.

That's when I realized that I had never seen a toy representing a female super hero before. I realized that I had grown up without ever having been empowered by imagining a world where I was simultaneously a girl and a super hero. I cried.

How did designing a strong female character like Captain Marvel feel in comparison to other Lovepop designs you've created?

Working on Captain Marvel felt very different than other Lovepop designs. I knew, at all times, whether working on the sculpture or the illustrations, that I had to do the character justice.

I always hold myself to a very high standard. But for the Captain Marvel design, I was creating not just for myself, but also for the women, young and old, who might relate to Captain Marvel. I knew if I did a good job capturing the essence of her character in this design, even more women could feel empowered by her.

From a technical standpoint, what makes the Captain Marvel design extra special?

While her specific pose is partially a technical consideration, the fact that she is effortlessly soaring through space in all her glory is no accident. To me, Higher, Further, Faster underscores the message that when women go high, far, and fast, they go higher, further, and faster.

What do you hope this design means to the people who send our Captain Marvel card? And to the people who receive it?

Ultimately, I want the recipient of this card to see Captain Marvel as real: as a person that they can relate to and become. By extension, I want the person gifting this design to feel that they are giving a gift of encouragement, a gift of empowerment, even if it's small enough to fit in an envelope.

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