BUILD students visit Lovepop ahead of pitch competition

BUILD students visit Lovepop ahead of pitch competition


STEAM education is very important to us here at Lovepop, so we're always happy to host students from programs that ignite potential through science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

This week we welcomed a group of 9th-grade students from BUILD, a nonprofit that uses entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth from under-resourced communities, propelling them towards high school, college, and career success.

Through the BUILD program, these students started Ultra Create, a company that produces customizable signs using a laser cutter. This was a perfect fit for our team because we have a prototyping room full of laser cutters, and we use some of the same design software they do.

We were especially excited to host this particular group from BUILD because a) one of our early investors and advisors, TJ, is a sponsor of their team and b) these students will pitch Ultra Create at BUILDFest in a couple of weeks. At BUILDFest, they'll be evaluated by none other than Kevin O'Leary, aka Mr. Wonderful, who is also our Shark Tank investor. Small world!

KJ+JoDuring their visit, we gave the students a tour of Lovepop HQ, a chance to meet with some of our team, and a "how it's made presentation" with our master designer. They assembled a Lovepop card followed by a demo of our prototyping room with one of our product designers. The students also had a chance to hear from our co-founder and CEO, Wombi Rose, who offered them some helpful tips about how to pitch to Mr. Wonderful.

Our favorite quote from the tour: "Your office is so cool! I'd love to work here someday. Do you have internship opportunities? " - KJ

BUILD students, Ariana, Mackenzie, Ariana, and KJ - thank you for joining us! We loved hearing about your business and are so glad you thought our office was "cool." Good luck at BUILDFest! We'll be rooting for Ultra Create.

Does your nonprofit or school leverage STEAM education to help ignite potential and inspire the next generation of innovators? We invite your group for a visit to Lovepop HQ. Please reach out to us to learn more.

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