Hummingbird Pop-Up Birthday Card for Mom

85+ Birthday Messages for Mom

Hummingbird Pop-Up Birthday Card for Mom


There's no one like a mother; moms are a comforting presence in life. You can readily access a slideshow of memorable moments in your mind: every time she made you feel seen & loved. Even so, you may find yourself at a loss for words for the beauty and joy she brings to life. 

Whether your mom is here to celebrate today, has passed on, or you want to honor someone like a mother to you, your words are meaningful. Your relationship with each mother in your life is one-of-a-kind: your mom, stepmother, mother-in-law, or your mom who has passed on. 

So, what are the perfect birthday wishes for mom? Finding the right words can be tricky, so we compiled a list of the sweetest, funniest, and most adoring messages for your Mama's birthday!

Birthday Messages for Mom

Whether you are sending a Happy Birthday text message or writing in a card, communicate your genuine feelings about your mother and the relationship you share. 

Do you know the feeling when you are looking for the perfect card? Sometimes, the thoughts and feelings you convey make the card extra meaningful. For example, you can share what you value about her, a unique quality of your relationship, or simply tell her you are glad she was born! 

Here are some birthday messages for mom: 

  1. Happy birthday to the best woman I know! I love you, Mom! 
  2. You make each day brighter, and I hope all your wishes come true.
  3. Happy birthday to my Mama & BFF. Your love and friendship mean everything to me.
  4. They don't make them like they used to. You're an absolute classic, Mom! 
  5. Home is where your mom is; happy birthday from far away! 
  6. You do so much for everyone else. We are glad to celebrate YOU this time! 
  7. We don't always see eye-to-eye, but our hearts understand each other. I'm so thankful for another year to celebrate you, Mom! 
  8. You have a heart of gold, Mom! I hope you feel as cherished today as you make us feel year-round. 
  9. Happy birthday to my biggest cheerleader. Thanks for always believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself.
  10. You're the strongest person I know; thank you for showing me what tenacity, grit, and hard work look like. 
  11. It takes a special love to sacrifice the way you have for me: a mother's love. Happy birthday, dear mother! 
  12. Mom, you are the silliest, most joyful person I've ever met. And those are only two of the hundreds of things I adore about you. Happy birthday!
  13. When I was young, I thought you hung the moon. Now I realize you shine brighter than all stars in the sky. I hope this year is enchanting!  

Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter

Give your mom a beautiful hummingbird pop-up card or unique mini flower bouquet & card. Birthday wishes for mom from her daughter mean the world!

  1. No matter how many candles are on your cake, I'll always be your little girl. I love you, mommy! 
  2. Our special bond is one of the sweetest gifts in my life; I hope you feel the love on this special day. 
  3. We have the perfect mother-daughter relationship. Thanks for being a friend & confidante and giving me a shoulder to lean on.
  4. I know I've always been your favorite. ;) You're my favorite too! Happy birthday!  
  5. You are a beautiful example of loving others and caring for yourself! I hope you enjoy your special day, Mom! 
  6. Remember always telling me how beautiful I am? Have you looked in a mirror lately? You're breathtaking, mom!
  7. We didn't choose to be mother & daughter. But being best friends is the best choice we've made! Happy birthday to my Mama, my friend! 
  8. I often reminisce about you braiding my hair, holding my hand to cross the street, and kissing my forehead at bedtime. You're in all my most magical memories. Happy birthday, mom!
  9. You make me smile until my face hurts and laugh until I can't breathe. I'm so happy to celebrate with you today!
  10. Thank you for the precious gifts of life, love, and laughter. I hope to bring as much joy to your day as you always share with me.
  11. No matter how far apart we are, you are always in my heart. I wish I could celebrate with you today & can't wait to see you soon! 
  12. The older I get, the more I see how much I'm like you. You make aging look lovely & I love the resemblances between us. 
  13. I don't say it enough, but I love you, Mom! I hope you feel oh-so-loved & have a wonderful birthday! 

Birthday Wishes for Mom from Son

Whether you want to share a silly message with a humorous birthday card or a thoughtful statement of gratitude with a captivating pop-up hibiscus bouquet, we've made it easy peasy with a wide selection of notes & cards! 

  1. They say time flies when you're having fun! You must really be having fun, Mom! Happy Birthday! 
  2. You've always supported my goals, and I want you to know that I'm so proud of you for achieving yours! You've done amazing things this year, Mom.
  3. I admire you so much for your kindness, honesty, loyalty, and your no-nonsense attitude. I hope to be half as cool as you when I grow up! Enjoy your day, Mom! 
  4. Thanks for being someone I can always turn to; you guide me with your faith and love. I love you! 
  5. Happy birthday to the most patient person I know! Thanks for loving me no matter what. 
  6. I hope you take it easy today! You deserve it, Mom! 
  7. Happy B-day, Mom! Did you know that 9 out of 10 scientists agree that the more birthdays you have, the longer you live? Lucky! 
  8. You're the real-life Wonder Woman and will always be my number one. I hope you have a super birthday! 
  9. Thank you for believing in me & making a beautiful impact on my life. You deserve the best in life this year & always. 
  10. The more birthdays you have, the more beautiful you are! 
  11. Cheers to an incredible new year! I hope you relax and enjoy celebrating your special day, Mom. 
  12. Happy birthday to the sweetest mom the world has ever known. 

Birthday Wishes for Mother-in-law

Share your love & birthday wishes for your mother-in-law by writing a loving message inside a unique & lovely pop-up card from our birthday collection

  1. Happy birthday to the world's best Mom-in-law! 
  2. You have been one of the greatest blessings in my life since we met! I hope you have a beautiful day & your best year yet. 
  3. Thank you for bringing my favorite person into the world; I could never repay you, but I hope you love your gift! 
  4. I am so glad I can call on you when [partner] needs to get their act together. Thanks for being there for me! 
  5. Instead of Mother-in-law, I've decided you're my Mother-in-love. Happy birthday & thanks for bringing love to all of my days! 
  6. You're like a mother to me; thanks for making all the mother-in-law horror stories sound outlandish! 
  7. You are the epitome of compassion, graciousness, and supportive motherhood. Happy birthday to a wonderful mother & woman! 
  8. Thank you for opening your home & heart to me. I'm so glad you were born & feel lucky that you're my mom-in-law!
  9. We can always count on your support, which is a true gift! Happy birthday to our dear mother. 
  10. You're a fantastic mother, loving grandmother, and the best mother-in-law the world has ever known! 
  11. I'm not complaining, but I think you might be doing this mother-in-law thing wrong; hanging out with you is fun! 
  12. Thanks for all the little ways you have accepted me into your family's life. I love you & I'm grateful for our fun times together. Happy birthday! 

Birthday Wishes for Stepmom

If you have a good relationship with your stepmom, send her a thoughtful note to tell her that you appreciate her. Write inside a beautiful pop-up card or flower bouquet that will make her feel extra-special! 

  1. Happy birthday to the best bonus mom I could ever have hoped to have! 
  2. I am celebrating you today! I hope you sense how much you are embraced & cared for because that is how you have made me feel.
  3. No matter what, I'll always call you mom. Thanks for coming into my life & accepting me as your own. Happy birthday, Mom! 
  4. As it turns out, sometimes a heart connection is more meaningful than a connection by blood. Thanks for choosing to be a mom to me!
  5. Happy birthday to one of the kindest women I know! I am thankful to call you my step-mama and friend.
  6. I thought I would never feel happy again when I lost my mom, but you have brought sunshine back into my life! I hope you enjoy every moment of your special day.
  7. Your support, care, and kindness have helped to shape me into the person I am today! Thanks for always being there for me. Happy Birthday, my "Other Mother!" 
  8. We've had our ups and downs, but I can honestly say that your presence makes my life better. I'm so grateful for you & glad to celebrate you today! 
  9. Thanks for helping my dad get his life together & for your unconditional acceptance of me. You mean the world to us all! Happiest birthday, [name]! 
  10. Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to tell you that I love you & I am so thankful for your caring presence. 
  11. Happy birthday! Thank you for showing me that family is about commitment and love, not just blood. 
  12. Happy Birthday, Bonus Mom! We both know I'm not your kid, but you make it hard for everyone else to tell. Thanks for loving me as your own. 
  13. We've been through a lot together, but we are stronger for it. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your special day. 

Heavenly Birthday Messages for Mom

She may not be here to celebrate with you, but sharing a message in a personal note or with others in a text message or social media post can be a loving way to celebrate and acknowledge your Mama's special day! 

  1. Thank you for the beautiful memories. We look to you to guide us with your love. Happy heavenly birthday, Mom! 
  2. I still can't believe you aren't here with me, but I know you're watching over me.
  3. We treasure each precious memory of our time together & will miss you until we see each other again in heaven. 
  4. Our greatest blessing was time spent together; the next best thing is the treasure trove of memories we carry. Thinking of you & celebrating you today, mom! 
  5. I can't believe another year has passed without my precious mother. Yet, even as the years pass, my love grows stronger each day.
  6. When my phone rings, I still hope it's you! I miss you, Mom, and I'm celebrating today with [Mom's favorite movie, cake, pastime, or friend.] Love you! 
  7. Does heaven have visiting hours yet? I want to come to see you for your birthday! 
  8. If I had three wishes, every single one would be to see you again. I love & miss you every day, especially on your birthday! 
  9. Even though I can't feel your touch or hear your voice, I know you are still with me. Happy birthday in heaven, mom! 
  10. Mom, I think about you every single day. You'd be proud to see your generosity, compassion, and silly sense of humor live on through us kids!
  11. I love you forever, Mama. I miss you every single day, but I live to make you proud.
  12. I'd do anything to hold your hand or hear your laugh just one more time. I miss you, mom, especially on your birthday today. 
  13. I still feel the strength of your love within my heart. Thank you for giving me something that would last forever. Happy heavenly birthday, Mom! 

Birthday Messages for Someone Like a Mother

You don't share her DNA, but you may as well because she sure feels like a mama to you. So share a silly Sound the A-llama card or a beautiful pop-up card & rose bouquet to share what she means to you. 

  1. You've always been like a mother to me, and I'm thankful for your presence in my life. Happy birthday! 
  2. Thank you for teaching & guiding me throughout life. I don't know where I'd be without you; thankfully, I don't have to.
  3. Thanks for taking me under your wing. I hope you have a beautiful day & know how loved you are. You are amazing! 
  4. You have been the "mom" that I needed. You haven’t always been in my life, but you've made it infinitely better since you came along. Happiest birthday to you! 
  5. Your birthday is perfect for telling you I love you & appreciate the way you care for me!  
  6. Happy birthday to the most remarkable woman in the world! You've always showered me with love. May showers of blessings come to you today! 
  7. Thanks for teaching me how to make lemonade out of life's lemons. And thanks for adding so much sweetness to my life.
  8. Happy birthday to someone like a mother to me! I hope you stop to smell the roses & marvel at the butterflies. Thanks for teaching me to savor this precious life. 
  9. Thank you for your unending support, comfort, and love. You mean the world to me! Happy You-Day! 
  10. Your presence gives me strength. Thanks for being like a mother to me. Happy birthday! 
  11. You deserve the very best in life today & every day. Thank you for your sweet love & friendship. 

Your words can brighten any Mama's special day & will stick with her all year long. When loved ones share their kind thoughts about us, we feel loved, appreciated, and altogether merrier.

Feel free to choose from one of the messages we've shared here & make them your own! Remember: the more personal the message, the greater the connection you will share. 

Whether it's sentimental, funny, or heartwarming, that emotional connection will be your mom’s favorite gift!

If you need more funny birthday message ideas for literally anyone else (including the dog!), we have you covered! 

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