A gift to Mother Nature: Lovepop's limited edition Triple Trees pack

A gift to Mother Nature: Lovepop's limited edition Triple Trees pack

Triple Trees pack

At Lovepop, we believe that the environment should be top of mind every day! On the heels of Earth Day and Arbor Day, we're partnering with the Arbor Day Foundation to help reforestation efforts across North America—and just in time for Mother's Day! We like to think that Mother Nature would approve.

Get ready to triple your impact!

During the month of May, Lovepop is offering a limited edition Triple Trees pack that features our ever popular Jacaranda Tree, Live Oak Tree, and Willow Tree cards. Each pack costs $33 and $3 from each goes to support the Arbor Day Foundation. The sale of each pack plants three new trees in an area of North American in desperate need of reforestation through the Arbor Day Foundation.

Paper is vital to our company and is at the center of our creativity and passion and we recognize that we need to continue to plant more trees to continue to use this resource. And in case you're wondering, every Lovepop is 100% recyclable and our paper is sustainably harvested.

Through this initiative, we'll plant thousands of trees all over North America. Lovepop's Triple Trees pack can help the Arbor Day Foundation reach the following objectives:

  • Replenish areas where few living trees are left, and where forestry officials have identified that natural regeneration will not occur without help;
  • Increase and restore habitats for wildlife;
  • Restore beauty and enjoyment for natural landscapes and recreation.

About the Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation is a conservation and education organization dedicated to tree planting. They inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. We're excited to partner with this organization for the fifth year in a row and support their new Time for Trees initiative through the sales of our limited edition pack.

Our Arbor Day Foundation partnership has planted thousands of trees and created awareness for Arbor Day and sustainable forestry. We hope this year will yield record numbers for the Arbor Day Foundation.

    A pack that gives back

    Join our celebration of trees! Organize a tree planting in your community, become involved with the Arbor Day Foundation, raise awareness of the positive environmental impact of tree replenishment, or purchase our limited edition Triple Trees pack so we can plant three trees for you. 

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    Dear Lovepop, I just purchased the Three Tree cards to partner with The Arbor Day Foundation. I so hope this is a true, positive action as you have told us and they state on their Website. Thank you for extending your Company products into such needed and important efforts for our Country !
    Kristie R. Kelly

    Kristie R Kelly

    Just bought and gave the tree and tire card to my son who was just appointed to our town"s Shade Tree Commission.

    Helen Stocum

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