Shark Tank Story: Kate - PR

Shark Tank Story: Kate - PR

Introducing Kate, our PR genius. She's the creative force behind some of our most memorable stories and appearances.

Watching Kate flawlessly move from placing a story in Success Magazine to cramming a man wearing a bear suit into a packed Uber is thrilling and exhausting.

We don't know how she does it - but she does, and we are so thankful. Read on to learn more about Kate's unique perspective on the Shark Tank experience.

Lovepop Publicist Kate Shark Tank

As a publicist, I’ve experienced my fair share of spectacular media hits over the last decade. I know how a polarizing segment on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” could mobilize an audience. I’ve experienced the power of “Oprah” firsthand.

But “Shark Tank” was an entirely new experience. Of course it’s a primetime show with millions of viewers. I expected an extended segment in which you pitch a product.

But it’s not only a national platform to put the inventor/entrepreneur’s passion on display. Being on “Shark Tank” is akin to visiting 7 million living rooms across the country in one night to chit-chat about your product with real people.

Lovepop Publicist Kate Shark Tank

“Shark Tank” is a weekly ritual for many families who watch the show while talking about inventors and investors. I have never received so many messages about any media hit as I did that night. A five-year-old at my son’s school stopped me in the hallway to ask me about our construction methods and my 86-year-old neighbor held me hostage outside my door in 20 degree weather to ask how we put the investment to use.

What’s distinctive to this experience is that the fans genuinely root for success. I was floored by the outpouring of kind words about Lovepop, our founders, our designs, our co-founder Wombi’s hair! From phone calls, emails, social media posts, in-person conversations--whether people purchased a card or not, they took the time to dole out compliments and good will.

Lovepop Shark Tank

All at once, it seemed like the entire nation was behind Lovepop, and for a small crew of people who have poured their heart, soul (and nights and weekends and personal funds) into an idea, that’s pretty gratifying.

“Shark Tank” gives hope to tinkerers and artists. Ordinary people with exceptional ideas or uncommon solutions to commonplace concerns can bring their company to life. And the audience wants that company to make it.

Can’t think of a better way to show my kids that the American Dream is alive. I have to say, “Shark Tank” is now a pretty big part of my weekly family routine, too.

Lovepop PR Kate Shark Tank

To read more about our Shark Tank experience and see cards featured on the show visit our Shark Tank page.

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lots of soccor fans here in California can you make a soccor card saw you on shark tank have just ordered my 1st card

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