Shark Tank Story: Natalie - Lovepop Designer

Shark Tank Story: Natalie - Lovepop Designer

Introducing Natalie, one of Lovepop's talented designers. Natalie is the creative mastermind behind some of our favorite designs including the newly released Baby Chicks. Natalie's gorgeous work and wonderful sense of humor bring something special to Lovepop HQ.

Read more to learn more about what the Shark Tank experience is like from Natalie's perspective.

Lovepop Designer Natalie Shark Tank


As a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, in one of my elective classes, Intro to Business, our professor actually made us watch numerous episodes of Shark Tank to try and spark the inner entrepreneur in us all. I fell in love with the show after being exposed to it.
The business owners on the Shark Tank episodes were all so inspiring and creative. Ever since then I have been a huge Shark Tank fan. Soon after graduating I came across Lovepop and I found it so astounding that I could work for a company that uses technology, along with art and engineering to create beautiful tangible objects.

You just don't see that kind of intricate handmade work anymore. Using my skill as a graphic designer and visualizing my designs in 3D was an amazing thing to me.

Lovepop Designer Natalie Shark Tank


In our design process, the way we work begins by believing that any concept is possible. My favorite part of the process is prototyping the cards and seeing all the hard work come to life.

Once I heard the news that our company was going to be pitching for an investment with the sharks I was beyond excited! I love seeing entrepreneurs present their innovative companies, and we were fortunate to be one of them! 

Lovepop Designer Natalie Shark Tank


Then, the investment from Kevin O'Leary was even more exciting, since he is one of my favorite sharks! It was really amazing to hear the team discussing my design ideas during the show and talking about cards that I was currently working on.

We aim to surprise customers every time with what's inside and our product will always be unexpected because we continue every day to push our designs to the next level. 

Lovepop Designer Natalie Shark Tank


To read more about our Shark Tank experience and see cards featured on the show visit our Shark Tank page.

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I love these cards.wish I could afford them.I especially like the wo grooms ..Very thoughtful …..

Clorinda Bommarito

I just saw them on tv! Thats why I am on this website. Those are pretty cards!!


Good luck to you all


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