Gift ideas for new parents

Gift ideas for new parents

One of the questions our fans most often ask is what to give friends who just had a baby. So, I thought about what gifts I loved when my baby was born and I also crowd sourced my new moms group to get their input on the top gifts. These ideas aren’t wild, offbeat, or even particularly creative but they are gifts that parents will adore

Remember, it is the thought that counts so any nice gesture whether it’s a gift, beautiful card, or a quick text or email is almost always appreciated by a new parent.

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Gifts you can mail:

Best Gifts for New Moms

1. A cuddly robe. As a new parent, when you get up several times during the night, it’s wonderful to have a cozy robe to comfortably wrap around yourself (especially during the winter!)

2. Massages. You can’t go wrong with getting a gift card for a massage for each new parent. It does not have to be for anywhere fancy, most massages feel great (especially for tired, sleep deprived parents). Make sure the massage studio is close to the new mom and dad’s home.

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3. Your favorite children’s book. Since new babies are usually sleepy the book will not be read for a few months but the personal touch of a handpicked book is much appreciated (and you can even include a nice note in the book). “I think of my friend every time I read this book to my baby.”

The Giving Tree  

4. Swaddles – it seems like one can never have enough swaddles. The big, organic kind by Aden Anais with nice prints are always so wonderful. Plus many of these swaddles can be used as light blankets and can provide shade on a sunny day. Swaddles are a premium and perfect gift! (plus if mom has too many swaddles, she can easily re gift them :)

5. An adorable outfit (preferably from organic cotton). We had stocked up with inexpensive basic onesies for my baby, so when friends would bring over adorable outfits for him we were really touched.

6. A Supplet gift box subscription. Whether it is a one-time box or a monthly subscription, moms and dads will appreciate the adorable, premium gifts for mom and baby. Supplet includes goodies in the boxes that dads can also use. There is also a daddy box coming out soon!
Supplet Pregnancy Subscription Box

7. A nice card/note without any expectations of a response. Seriously. New parents can be so busy and sleep deprived that it is sometimes “stressful” to make sure they thank everyone by writing a thank you note or even a quick email. “Enjoy your new baby and do not take the time to write me back or thank me.”
Was one of the best notes I got. I felt like my friend understood my situation, wished me well by congratulating me and she did not want me to stress about anything.  You cannot go wrong with sending a beautiful ‘Congratulations on your baby’ card from Lovepop.
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Gifts to give in person:

8. Food. Really food of any kind. “When my daughter was a newborn, my husband and I were so, so grateful when friends would come over with fresh salads, pizza, homemade (or store bought) cookies.”

Who has time to cook or run out and get food when you have a newborn? (Helpful tip #1: If your mama friend is breastfeeding, leave out garlic, broccoli and raw onions, since those ingredients usually make newborn babies fussy.) (Helpful tip #2: Ask if mom or dad have any food allergies before you get the food so you can avoid allergens).

9. Tidying up. “Offering to do a load of laundry, change the sheets, and/or do the dishes, can be such a joy and gift to the overwhelmed new parents.”
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What would you recommend as a gift for friends with new babies? New moms and dads, what gifts do you remember really adoring?
Jessica received her Pregnancy Health Coach Certification from the Dr. Sears Institute and is the founder of Supplet, a subscription gift box service for pregnant women and moms. Her work combines two of her greatest passions: wellness and babies. Jessica lives in Boston with her husband and children. You can reach her at or @JZFit
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Thank you so much Beverley :)


Some Great Ideas In This Post. I found Quite a Few That Friends (No Matter How Well Intentioned), May Not Thin Of. Especially If They Are Not Yet Parents Themselves. GREAT POST Thank You……

Beverley Leeson

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