lovepossible: a lovepop and The Possible Project collaboration

lovepossible: a lovepop and The Possible Project collaboration

Engineering and innovation are at the core of lovepop's mission. We're excited to introduce our partnership with The Possible Project. TPP is a nonprofit youth entrepreneurship center dedicated to teaching high school students entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

Participating in The Possible Project program empowers students to take action and set themselves on the course for post-high school success. Part of the lovepop and The Possible Project collaboration involves teaching students how to design laser-cut pop up cards on 3D modeling software.

lovepop the possible project
We are excited to introduce you to lovepossible, our new line of collaborative cards that were created exclusively by high school students in their senior year participating in The Possible Project.

Jamaican Flag 3D Pop Up Card created by Tashnie T.

Tashnie created this card to celebrate her Jamaican heritage and share her love of the gorgeous country with Jamaicans, Jamaican-Americans, and anyone who appreciates the beauty and culture of the beautiful island.

One of Tashnie's favorite things about America is the vast array of educational opportunities available to her. Some of the most valuable takeaways Tashnie has gleaned from working with The Possible Project is an ability to collaborate with people with varied work styles, backgrounds, and viewpoints.

Ktash, is a wood photo printing business Tashnie opened with the help of The Possible Project. Business is booming, and Tashnie is learning the ins and outs of running her own small business. Getting the printing and heat pressing processes nailed down proved to be a challenging investment of time but Tashnie and her business partners perfected their process and love working with Ktash customers to deliver a high-quality product.

Despite a packed schedule, Tashnie mentors younger students, makes time for her family and community and is preparing to enter college next fall.

jamaican flag pop up card
Tashnie's favorite thing about working with lovepop and TPP is bringing her vision to life and expressing herself via paper art.

Diamond Ring Box 3D Pop Up Card designed by Christy

This lovely card was created by Christy, who wanted to make something tangible and romantic that would stir emotions in both the giver and recipient of the gift. Christy learned that when designing  3D objects something that appears simple, like a ring, can quickly evolve into a more complex structure.

Using her favorite ring as inspiration, Christy drew from the classic visual imagery of the traditional black velvet engagement ring lined with red satin and combined the two to create a truly unique pop-up card.

diamond ring pop up card
One of Christy's favorite things about working with The Possible Project and lovepop was learning SolidWorks software that proved to be super helpful when designing her card.

The card design process stretched Christy's capabilities and helped her grow by forcing her to overcome perfectionist tendencies to get down and dirty, make some messes, clean them up, and create her perfect product.

Entrepreneurship is in Christy's blood. Her mother is a caterer and inspired Christy to start her own organic skincare business, Nature's Beauty, with the assistance of The Possible Project. The most surprising thing about running a business that Christy learned was that people would purchase from a teenager.

Creating a high-quality product and delivering exceptional customer service helped Christy form a dedicated customer base and lots of repeat business. Christy is currently in college application prep mode and also plays soccer and serves as a Deacon at her church.

Peace Sign 3D Pop Up Card created by Nichelle

Nichelle created a card that connects with her with her community and family. The Peace Sign card represents equality, which Nichelle is very passionate about, and reminds her of a beloved aunt who always says "peace be with you."

According to Nichelle, creating this card was challenging, when she began the process her patience was limited due to complications with Solidworks software and knowing when to convert to 123 Autodesk. As she spent more time working on her design, her patience increased and her skills did as well.

Nichelle's commitment to her community via feeding the hungry, organizing city cleanups, and planting trees is impressive however she also runs a successful small business. Illegal monarchs creates custom hoodies and crewnecks for fellow students. Nichelle manages to juggle schoolwork, her commitment to TPP, preparing for college, and community service gracefully.

peace sign pop up card
The Peace Sign card is meant to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to be the giver and recipient. Give this card to someone facing hardship to remind him or her that “even though times are tough things are going to be okay if you give it time and have a positive mindset with it.”

lovepop the possible project
$1 from the sale of each lovepossible pop up card goes directly to The Possible Project. Get a cool card and help inspire entrepreneurial kids.

Give more this year.

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Love how you have incorporated the engineering of your designs into teaching students the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, and “giving back”!

Pat Pelosi

Very cool that you’re making cards collaboratively like this! Bravo. And, cool cards too!

Tony Deifell

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