Thanksgiving Cards

If you're asking "what on earth is a Thanksgiving card?' You are not alone. Thanksgiving cards are autumnal greeting cards that can be used to express a variety of seasonal sentiments. One can give to a friend as a token of appreciation or send to a family member to express thankfulness.

Cornucopia Pop Up Thanksgiving Card

There are no hard and fast rules about Thanksgiving cards, but I can tell you this. The ability to express ourselves and send a thoughtful card to friends and family is what separates us from beasts and animals. Don't be a beast this year. Send some Thanksgiving cards.


November is full of expressions of gratitude. From Instagram hashtags to radio advertising it seems that bombarding friends and associates with constant reminders of what you are thankful for is what's hot on the streets these days. I am all for it.

We should count our blessings and express our thankfulness for our life's abundance regularly. Whether you choose to do so by updating your Facebook status or by sending handwritten Thanksgiving cards, it is a great practice. Expressing gratitude is good for us mentally and physically.

Holiday Fights

If you haven't had at least one fight with your significant other over whose house you'd be spending Thanksgiving at then, I question the depth of your love. If you haven't found yourself in this unfortunate yet totally natural situation, please trust that you will someday. Brace yourself.

Fall Bear Pop Up Thanksgiving Card

Thanksgiving is full of fun dinner parties, lunches, and community events. There is bound to be conflict about where you spend your limited time. A decision will be made, and one of you will emerge as the victor. If you are the unfortunate loser in the whose house are we visiting this Thanksgiving battle you might want to send a Thanksgiving card to your loved one to apologize for the terrible things you said about His Aunt Linda's "stuffing. Think about it. What you said was pretty harsh, and you're going to want to smooth things over before you end up getting served the driest piece of turkey imaginable.

Host(ess) Gift

No one wants to eat your cooking. I'm sorry you had to learn the awful truth here, from a stranger, on a random blog you found while looking Thanksgiving cards on Google, but it's the truth (and I hope you stick around a while). Instead of sending your entire family to the emergency room during the holidays with your interesting take on Pumpkin Pie why not thank your hosts this year with a lovely Thanksgiving card? We have a lovely assortment to choose from, and our pop up Thanksgiving cards are sure to delight.

Have you ever sent Thanksgiving cards? Why or why not?


pumpkin patch pop up thanksgiving card
turkey pop up thanksgiving card
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Saw you on Shark Tank and found you at the Natick Mall. Can’t wait for my friends and family to received the cards. Beautiful cards


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Saw you on shark tank and was very impressed, you will be my first choice for cards!

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Watching now on Shark Tank. Beautiful cards! I hope you expand with more card options soon. Best of luck!

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I just discovered this company – and I’m sincerely thankful to find such a mindful, creative and clever brand that so elgantly promotes more meaningful communication between humans – humanly.

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