Lovepop celebrates 5 magical years!

Lovepop celebrates 5 magical years!

Lovepop 5 year anniversary

In April 2014, John and Wombi watched as our website went live. Our online portal was the first worldwide introduction of Lovepop cards, a pop-up card collection that we developed with our small team.

Since then, we've grown that collection to more than 400 cards, creating more than 11,501,996 magical moments in the past five years. (Learn more about our incredible growth!)

As a start-up, that time moves faster than a rocket ship, and we are humbled and grateful for this moment to reflect on the people, opportunities, and places that got us here. To celebrate this major milestone, we created a time capsule to mark how far we've come over these last five years. In five more years, when Lovepop continues to soar forward, we'll know the items below represent the hard work, commitment, and fun that fueled our journey to the next level. 

Our time capsule is full of things that have meaning for our founders and for our company. Here are a few of the items that really stand out and highlight some important milestones for us:

Our Shark Tank fin
In 2015, we appeared on "Shark Tank" and made a deal with Kevin O'Leary that would change Lovepop forever. To this day, we still get calls, emails, and messages because you remember our pivotal appearance. We are incredibly grateful that you've chosen to support and stick around for the ride. This fin is a part of the wooden slice-form shark we brought with us on set that day. (Bonus points to you if you remember it from our appearance!) 

Letters from you
Yes, you! Sometimes, we're lucky enough to hear back from our incredible customers who have used Lovepop to make magical moments for their loved ones. When you take the time to share what made Lovepop meaningful to you, not only does it humble and warm our hearts, it helps us get better and better. You helped us build this company and your letters serve as a constant reminder of the unique relationship we have with our customers.

The Techstars class list 
In 2015, we participated in the Techstars Startup Accelerator program. Techstars provides businesses with support in the form of intensive mentorship, access to an incredible network of mentors, seed funding, and more. Not only was this an opportunity for us to grow and learn, but it also instilled many of the core tenets of our business including our "Give First" mentality.

Our top selling designs
Cherry Blossom. Rose Bouquet. Hedgehogs in Love. Unicorn. Christmas Tree Red. These are some of our earliest (and still) best selling designs. We wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't have these first few beautiful, imaginative cards to share with you. And because you embraced them, you've allowed us to grow to the hundreds of designs we have today. 

Our Lovepop Awards
We hand out awards at our monthly team meetings to celebrate employees who go above and beyond. Our first two awards -- the Pop Star and Wingman -- were retired last year when they ran out of space for winners' names. We've since replaced them with four new awards that represent our core values (Hunger, Engineering, Magic, and Connection) but our Rocket Ship and Unicorn sculptures remain a celebration of the incredible people who came before. They set the groundwork for what we call The Awesome Bar™. While a fast-growing business often rewards big wins and numbers, these awards serve as a reminder that we wouldn't be who we are now without dedicated employees who go above and beyond every day.

The Red Bull Flugtag Award
What do you do when you're presented with the mission to make a human-powered flying machine on a start-up's budget? You make things fly. This trophy is from Red Bull's 2016 Boston Flugtag competition where we launched a handmade, flying contraption (+ Wombi) into the Charles River. With crafty engineering mindsets, our team took on an extraordinary task with limited resources. Team Lovepop came in third (ahem, some may say, second) place that day, but this trophy feels like first prize every time we see it.

Photos of our original South Station kiosk and our new Hudson Yards store
As a digitally native company, it was exciting for us to open our first kiosk. We want to be everywhere you are. And while our online store helps us reach customers all over the world, there's something to be said for being able to stop at one of our kiosks for that last-minute Lovepop card for a loved one. Most recently, we opened our first brick-and-mortar location at Hudson Yards in NYC, a truly new experience for customers to explore Lovepop. Our retail journey is ever-evolving and exciting, and we can't wait to see where the next five years take us in this offline adventure. 

Photos of our Vietnam workshops 
It all started on a business school trip to Vietnam where John and Wombi saw the ancient art of kirigami applied to card design. As naval architects, they saw a unique opportunity to apply their naval engineering to create a new spin on this beautiful craft. In staying true to these roots, we still produce all of our cards in Vietnam, where we employ the best craftspeople who know this art form inside and out. These photos of our workshops in Vietnam showcase the awesome HQs of our team abroad. They are part of the Lovepop family and our history and we wouldn't be where we are today without their support and dedication.

.... plus, a few more incredible, meaningful items that have helped us grow to FIVE AWESOME YEARS.

Thank you for celebrating our Fifth Anniversary with us! We cannot wait to see what the next five have in store.

Lovepop 5 year anniversary founders John Wise and Wombi Rose

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I have been buying love pop cards since I saw you on shark tank…. Most people say “best card ever” when they receive them… I just sent my son-in-law A Game of Thrones card… I send him love pops all the time… And again he said best card ever… I purchased a hammock for my daughter and son-in-law for mothers and Father’s Day and when I saw your hammock card and sent them one they went crazy!!! I recommend these cards to anyone and everyone!!!

Patty Berg

I saw you on Shark Tank and I’m Happy to tell you, I just made my first purchase 5 for $50 Can’t wait to see them and give to the special Moms in my Life Thank you for making Beautiful cards to share !

kathy watts

I remember watching the Shark Tank Episode and I saved your website in my phone. I just placed my 1st order for Mothers Day 2019. Can’t wait to see the looks on our moms faces when they see your works of art !

Jeanette E.

Congrats !!
i’ve been been with you 5 years already. WOW!!

Christine Rideout

Is it possible to buy the flower basket design without the Mother’s day design on the front? I’d love to used it for birthdays and anniversaries but I’d prefer to write my own message.

Mary Lou Hartman

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