Tips for choosing the perfect thank you cards

Expressing one's gratitude should not be reserved solely for special occasions. Keeping a stash of thank you cards on hand ensures that you are prepared whenever the need to express thanks arises. Choosing the right thank you card can be overwhelming. We've gathered some tips to guide you.

Professional Thank You Cards

Consider purchasing cards that are a good fit for your role or professions. If you work in the sports industry perhaps keeping a collection of football and soccer cards at your desk is a good idea. Choose blank cards made of high-quality paper.

Your professional thank you cards should leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Trading business cards and sending follow up emails are standard practice but mailing a unique, handwritten note goes a step beyond and lets the recipient know that you put a lot of thought into expressing your thanks.

thank you cards

Personal Thank You Cards

When thanking friends and family for their kindness or generosity, there is more flexibility and room for creativity in one's card selection. Select cards that either reflect your personality or relationship with the recipient. You want the recipient to be surprised and delighted, choosing a thank you card that is meaningful to your relationship with the recipient is the perfect way to do so.

There are big thank yous and not so big thank yous. Choose your card accordingly. Surely you wouldn't gift someone who babysat your kids for three days the same card you would to someone who helped you prepare for a big meeting. While expressing gratitude regardless of the magnitude of the act is important it makes sense to align the message and card properly. You want to make sure that your thank you card celebrates the kindness of the recipient but also makes sense.

How do you usually choose thank you cards?
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