Valentine’s Day Surprise Ideas & Tips to Wow Your Partner This Year

Valentine’s Day Surprises  

When it comes to surprises, you either hate them or love them! But when done right, even your planning-loving partner will love the spontaneity of the Valentine’s Day surprises you put together. Planning a Valentine's Day surprise can be a fantastic way to express your love, build intimacy and connection, create lasting memories, break routine, and show gratitude to the people you care about. We’ll help you find the most heartwarming Valentine’s Day surprise ideas that will leave your other half speechless (in the best way possible)! 

Why Plan a Valentine’s Day Surprise?

Planning a Valentine’s Day surprise with your partner in mind is the perfect way to tell them that you love them. Instead of just picking up flowers, chocolates, or a teddy bear last minute, taking the time to think through and set up your Valentine’s day surprise shows that you have really put time, effort, and consideration into making your loved one’s day special. 

Finding the Best Valentine’s Day Surprise Ideas 

Finding the best Valentine’s Day surprise ideas can be difficult. First of all, you may become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. To cut down time spent pondering on what to do, we suggest compiling your top Valentine’s Day surprise ideas based on what your partner loves. 

For example, if your significant other is a foodie, Google the top restaurants in your area and see which ones have a reservation that you can book. If your partner loves wine, make reservations at a local winery or find a limited-edition wine to gift them. If your Valentine is more of an outdoorsy kind of person, check out some local excursions that will make your special day together an adventurous experience.  

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that reflects your partner’s passions and interests. Choosing a surprise that aligns with your significant other’s preferences will show them that you truly care and cherish them!

How to Surprise Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day surprise can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Start by thinking about your loved one's interests, passions, and hobbies. If they love to cook, consider giving them a gourmet cooking class or a set of high-quality kitchen tools. If they're a bookworm, a signed copy of their favorite novel or a subscription to a book of the month club would make a great gift. If your significant other is into fitness, consider giving them a gym membership or a personal training session. 

Other fantastic Valentine's Day surprise ideas include romantic getaways, spa days, and concert tickets. You can also consider unique experiences like horseback riding, wine tasting, or a surprise trip. The key is to put thought and effort into the gift and make it something your significant other will truly appreciate.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your partner’s surprise gift, don’t forget about including a cute card. If you want something more special than your typical options, consider one of these 3D Valentine’s Day greeting cards that really pop:

5 Tips to Avoid a Disastrous Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentine's Day is a special day that many couples look forward to, but it can also be a source of stress and disappointment if your surprise ends up being a disaster. Here are five tips to help you avoid a disastrous Valentine's Day surprise: 
  1. Communication is key: You have most likely heard about the importance of communication in relationships, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to your Valentine’s Day surprise with your significant other. Before planning your surprise, have a conversation with your partner to find out what they would like and what they don't like. You don’t have to ruin the surprise and ask them directly about Valentine’s day, you can do it in a more subtle way, like asking them what’s on their bucket list this year. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that your surprise is something they will truly appreciate.

  2. Plan ahead: Don't wait until the last minute to plan your surprise. Giving yourself enough time to plan will help you avoid any last-minute stress and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Remember, Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants, hotels, and events, so if this is something you have in mind, book in advance to avoid disappointment. And even if you don’t plan on booking a reservation, consider the length of time a gift will take to be ready. For example, flowers fly off the shelves fast during the Valentine's Day season. Make sure to call your local florist to have a bouquet ready for pick-up when the special day arrives. Just a little preparation will go a long way and ensure you have a stress-free and successful day.

  3. Be considerate of your loved one's schedule: If your partner has a hectic schedule in February, planning a weekend away might not be the smartest move. Instead, be sure to plan your surprise around their availability. This will help you avoid any conflicts and ensure that they can fully enjoy their surprise without fretting about their schedule. 

  4. Keep it simple: While grand gestures can be romantic, they can also be overwhelming – and they’re not for everyone. Furthermore, if your partner has planned something simple for you, they may become embarrassed if you present them with a lavish gift of a getaway. If your partner is more lowkey, keep your surprise simple, yet thoughtful. Rather than gifting your Valentine with lots of store-bought gifts, focus on creating a meaningful experience complete with moments that are reflective of your beautiful relationship. If you’re looking for a classic and meaningful gift, try one of our handcrafted paper flowers and gift a gorgeous bouquet that never wilts! 

  5. Set the mood: Whether you're going out or staying in, you can do a few things to create a romantic ambiance and put your loved one in a good mood. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your love for one another, so don't hesitate to put on your best outfit and get all dolled up! A simple suggestion might also be to set aside a time where you can "unplug" from the digital world and focus on each other. Your conversation will be relaxing and will definitely contribute to your romantic moods! Also, consider getting some beautiful flowers to enhance the romantic flair. If you want to go a step further than a regular bunch of flowers, try paper flower bouquets. For example, our pop-up Sweetheart Flower Bouquet comes with a Lovepop Note packaged in a love-filled sleeve – it’s guaranteed to make your loved one feel extra special.

Ready to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise for your partner? By following these tips, you can avoid a disastrous Valentine's Day surprise and ensure that your significant other has a special and memorable day!

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