122 Reasons to Give Thanks

122 Reasons to Give Thanks

122 Reasons to Be Thankful on Thanksgiving

There are countless reasons to be thankful & people we are grateful to have in our lives. But, as we reflect on our gratitude in November, we realize just how much there is to appreciate. 

Gratitude enhances the health of our minds, lives, and relationships. Positive psychology research reveals that gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, enjoy their experiences more fully, improve their health, handle adversity, and build relationships that can withstand difficulties. 

Sometimes it helps to get the ball rolling a bit. Gratitude is contagious, like so many other emotions. When you hear someone else say, "I'm so thankful for...," it automatically triggers your mind to seek out the good in your life. 

If you're feeling out of touch with the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are some thoughts that will hopefully help you recover a bit of gratitude. Some are witty and silly, and others are serious. But, the most important thing is to let the people who make you feel happy & thankful know this Thanksgiving. 

Feel free to borrow some of these specific reasons when you send a card, write a text, or take the old-fashioned approach and call your friend to say, "I'm thankful for you!" 

14 Reasons to Thank Your Partner on Thanksgiving

Most couples find it easier to express complaints than thanks. Thanksgiving offers a reprieve, an opportunity to refocus on gratitude. These moments are like a freshwater spring in relationships; they don't need to be elaborate. You can give thanks for the simplest things, like: 

  1. Opening their heart & home to your family

  2. Making your favorite homemade dressing

  3. Having fun with you while preparing for the big meal 

  4. Keeping you warm at night

  5. Brewing coffee in the morning

  6. Planning to go Black Friday shopping together 

  7. Waking up early to start the turkey 

  8. Working hard to support the household 

  9. Being patient with your parents' requests

  10. Not judging your stretch pants (and also wearing their own) 

  11. Keeping things running smoothly around the house 

  12. Or keeping things barely moving around the house

  13. Being themselves & making you smile every day

  14. Snuggling up on the couch at night to watch The Office

14 Reasons to Thank Your Parents on Thanksgiving

You've gone through ups and downs in your relationship with your mom and dad. Now that you've grown & flown the nest, you want to remind them how valuable they are to you. Or maybe they are getting older & you find yourself reflecting on all the things about them that make your life sweeter. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to tell them thanks for: 
  1. Giving you the precious gift of life 

  2. Showing up, sharing a meal, and enjoying quality time together

  3. Making your favorite pecan pie to bring, yum! 

  4. Teaching you the importance of family 

  5. The rare gift of their unconditional love 

  6. Sharing their love of travel & adventure with you 

  7. All the ways that they have put your wants before theirs (and maybe also the times they didn't) 

  8. Being incredible grandparents to your children

  9. Always cheering you on, whether in your job, family, or hobbies 

  10. Supporting, accepting, and loving your partner

  11. Raising you alone 

  12. Raising you together 

  13. Believing in you wholeheartedly

  14. Their dedication to raising a kind human 

12 Reasons to Thank your Siblings on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a sweet time to reconnect with siblings. Since time & grown-up responsibilities can pull you apart, taking time to express gratitude reinforces your sibling relationships. It's the perfect time to say thanks for: 

  1. Being a lifelong friend (even if they didn't have a choice)

  2. Always being game to do dumb things with you

  3. Opening their home to your family for the holidays

  4. Processing childhood trauma together 

  5. Keeping your secrets 

  6. Answering the phone when you call 

  7. Being your best friend 

  8. Always keeping life interesting 

  9. Giving the best advice 

  10. Helping you deal with your parents 

  11. Knowing your favorite snacks & bringing them periodically 

  12. Showing up for your kids' sports, recitals, and birthdays 

10 Reasons to Thank the Host on Thanksgiving

One thing is for sure. You're thankful that you didn't have to host this year. So bring a thank you card to the host and a lovely pop-up sunflower bouquet for the table & let them know that you appreciate them taking on the task this Thanksgiving. You can thank them for lots of things, including but not limited to: 
  1. Again, hosting so you didn't have to 

  2. Banning politics talk at the table 

  3. Banning "why are you single/when are you getting married/how long til you have a baby" at the table

  4. Getting canned cranberry sauce even though no one else likes it but you

  5. Saving you the wishbone

  6. Not putting you at the kids' table 

  7. Welcoming you into their cozy home 

  8. Spending many hours preparing the food 

  9. Making the best Thanksgiving dinner ever

  10. Setting up a space for your baby/kids to play safely

10 Reasons to Thank Your Friends on Thanksgiving

Whether you're celebrating Friendsgiving or want to send a fall candle pop-up card to your best friend who lives far away, you can tell your friend thank you for:
  1. Always being honest 

  2. Putting up with you on your bad days

  3. Hosting Friendsgiving

  4. Their warmth, kindness, and thoughtfulness 

  5. Giving you so much to be thankful for 

  6. Accepting you just the way you are 

  7. Being your unpaid therapist 

  8. Letting you be there for them & their family 

  9. Texting you every day and making you laugh 

  10. Belonging in the village that's raising your kids

12 Reasons to Thank Your Kids on Thanksgiving

Your kids are amazing, but you probably feel like you don't tell them as often as you should. This year, surprise them with a Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving Card & make an intentional effort to share words that will strengthen your relationship. Thank your kids for: 
  1. Spending their time & energy to bring their family to visit (for adult children) 

  2. Spending time together & being a valuable part of the family 

  3. Helping with the meal or setting the table

  4. The gift of family time together 

  5. Being patient, kind, and caring young people 

  6. Their forgiveness for the time that you hurt them & your acceptance and acknowledgment of their feelings

  7. Anything (big or small) they've done in the past that you're grateful for but forgot to tell them 

  8. Their honesty & openness, even when you don't see eye-to-eye

  9. Having such an incredible personality; express specific traits that you admire in them

  10. Apologizing to you (you can also offer your forgiveness) 

  11. Bringing your favorite homemade apple pie to Thanksgiving dinner

  12. Loving you unconditionally 

12 Reasons to Thank Your Grandparents on Thanksgiving

Your grandparents have been the cornerstone of Thanksgivings in the past. You went from one grandparent's house to the other & ate WAY too much turkey. And loved every minute of it! Now that you're both getting older, Thanksgiving is a lovely chance to thank your grandparents. You can send or hand-deliver the cutest Thanksgiving card ever & thank them for: 
  1. Always giving you a safe place to be yourself 

  2. Letting you have sleepovers -- then and now 

  3. Calling you every single week without fail 

  4. Keeping your favorite snacks on hand 

  5. Giving the best hugs

  6. Showing up for all your concerts, school dances, and parades

  7. Building an amazing family

  8. Still having a freezer filled with ice pops

  9. Teaching you to garden, bake, and play card games 

  10. Taking you to the State Fair every year

  11. Encouraging you unfailingly during every season of life

  12. Praying for you

10 Reasons to Thank Teachers on Thanksgiving

Another group of people who deserve our thanks every single day, teachers do so much to brighten our children's days. We recommend giving them a note & a lovely pop-up paper Thanksgiving wreath. There's so much to be grateful for, so don't forget to thank them for: 
  1. Getting to know your child & caring for them so well

  2. Sending you message updates about your child 

  3. Being a calming presence in your kid's life 

  4. All of their hard work preparing & teaching lessons 

  5. Encouraging their students never to give up 

  6. Being generous with their time and energy 

  7. Their abundant creativity

  8. Preparing your child for life 

  9. Making an impact in your child's life every day

  10. Being one of the best people you know, honestly 

12 Reasons to Thank Your Neighbors on Thanksgiving

You didn't get to choose your neighbors, but you're thankful every day that they're there. You probably don't even think about it very often, but when you start to think about it, they make life better in many ways. They don't even need to know your address to get there. And you won't need theirs to send an adorable Gobble Til You Wobble Turkey Card. This Thanksgiving, remember to thank your neighbors for: 
  1. Always being there (LOL)

  2. Keeping an eye on things when you're gone 

  3. Bringing your kids surprises on special occasions 

  4. Loving your pets like their own 

  5. Ordering dinner to your house when you were sick 

  6. Making your neighborhood way cooler 

  7. Mowing your yard for you that one time

  8. Not being like the *other* neighbors -- they know which ones 

  9. Hosting your kids for dinner 

  10. All the delicious garden-fresh zucchini & tomatoes

  11. Bringing a pie for your Thanksgiving dinner 

  12. Just making life better because you really like your neighbors

8 Reasons to Thank Your Coworkers on Thanksgiving

Another group of people you may not thank very often, share a little love with your coworkers this Thanksgiving. There may be a lot that you aren't thankful for at work, but you do like them. (And cultivating gratitude at work could inevitably lead to less stress. Yes, please.) So, this Thanksgiving, be sure to thank them for: 
  1. Being your closest friend in the office 

  2. Helping you grow professionally 

  3. Going to lunch with you on Tuesdays 

  4. Taking on a task that used to be your responsibility (#thankyousomuch)

  5. Always going the extra mile on projects 

  6. Being a positive person & making workdays more cheerful overall 

  7. Supporting you when you were beyond stressed out

  8. All of their incredibly creative ideas 

8 Reasons to Thank Anyone Else on Thanksgiving

There are way more people in your life than the ones we've already mentioned. So, if you want to give a Thanksgiving card to a doctor, nurse, dentist, vet, postman, boss, store associate, waitress, or anyone else you're thankful for, here are a few things you can thank them for: 
  1. Helping you recover from your illness

  2. Taking great care of your family 

  3. Being there for you and your baby during labor & delivery 

  4. Pet-sitting for you  

  5. Teaching your kids an extracurricular activity

  6.  Being a friendly, helpful face at a particular store or restaurant

  7. Offering their services to your family for many years 

  8. Making your community a better place to live

Gratitude may not come naturally, but it is one of the most valuable emotions to cultivate. Luckily, we have an entire holiday dedicated to expressing thanks (and eating all the most delicious foods we've ever tasted in one sitting). 

This Thanksgiving, pass out beautiful pop-up Thanksgiving cards that will cultivate gratitude, joy, and satisfaction for you & the amazing people in your life. It's a win-win for everyone (except the turkey). 

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