10 more times dads were unexpectedly magical

10 more times dads were unexpectedly magical

We asked you to share your favorite magical moments with a dad in your life ahead of Father's Day, and we were totally inspired by your amazing stories of love, compassion, and comebacks. 

We already shared 10 of stories earlier this week — and, because it's hard to pick favorites, here are 10 more. 

We love hearing about the magical moments you've made with dads, uncles, grandfathers, and any other person you care about, so please, keep sharing them with us! Spread the love. And Happy Father's Day! 


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“My favorite magical moment with my dad was on my 12th birthday. My dad told me I couldn't go to school that day because we had to go to a very important doctor’s visit and when I woke up from an early drive, we were in Disneyland!“ — Leticia V.

“I don't know about magical but this is me and my sister with my dad last month before he had surgery. We were just messing around taking Snapchat pictures and making funny faces. Even fighting cancer, surgeries and treatments haven't killed his sense of humor and i admire him for it!” — Elizabeth M.

“My husband shortly after meeting our second child. She will be 1 tomorrow! We lost 5 babies to miscarriage in between our son and our daughter and we were so thankful to have another opportunity to raise a child! He was full of emotion and talking to her. Meanwhile, my son was a little tired as it was close to midnight.” — Cathy V.

“I’d like to nominate my amazing husband, Joseph. He is the loving father of our two beautiful little girls. He completely devotes himself to putting us first all year round. He works 50+ hours a week just to come home and help care for things around the house and yard. He takes care of his mother and his friends at a drop of a dime leaving him only a day (sometimes less) to enjoy with us. He is one of the greatest men I know and I'm so proud to call him my partner.” — Erin K.

“I’ve always wanted to go see the Grand Canyon, and last summer, my dad decided to take me on a road trip there all the way from Florida. I remember we had spent the entire day admiring all the beautiful scenery and the sun was about to set so the atmosphere was all golden-yellow. Suddenly, it started raining and we had to run to catch the last bus of the day for about five minutes. I spent the entire time laughing and running with my dad trying to catch the bus. It felt very dream-like, and I even noticed a rainbow cast in the sky once we got to the bus all drenched in rainwater. I’ll never forget it.” — Juana M.


“My favorite magical moment with my dad is when he taught me for the first time how to throw and catch a ball/football. He told me how I was a natural and how one day I could play in the NFL too one day. To this day I still remember that moment.” — Chase M.

“I was the ‘black sheep’ of the family. Of three kids, I was the one who gave my parents the most crap. They sent me away to an all-girls program when I was 16. When I graduated from that program, it was the first time I’d ever seen my dad cry. The year and a half I spent at that school gave me back my father-daughter relationship. I’ll never forget the sight of tears welling up in my dad’s eyes, he was proud of me and thankful to have his daughter back; thankful his family was complete again.” — Kendra P.

“My father is such an important presence in my life. A #magicalmoment for me recently was when he met my daughter — his first granddaughter — in the hospital. The light beamed from his face, a few tears were shed, and an instant connection between him and his granddaughter was awakened. I am in awe of how brilliantly he has stepped into this new family role. It's a blessing to share my own hero with my daughter now.” — Jessica F.

“Well, since I didn't grow up with a father (he left when I was very young) my mom and one of my older brother's took care of me and the younger brother. He always took us to school and the movies, had snacks for us, and played video and board games with us! He still helps out when he can even going through dialysis. He's a great brother!” — Griselle S.

“My favorite #magicalmoments with my dad are waiting for him to get home from work when I was little. I would sit on his foot and wrap myself around his leg and ride around the house like that all evening. What a patient person for dragging 40 pounds around with him until he was exhausted. But he never said a word.” — Jenna B.

"My dad was an alcoholic for my entire young life. He gave it up just over 21 years ago. The strain on my parents' marriage due to his drinking was always evident to us kids — but they stuck through it. A few months after he became sober, he took mom to California to visit his sister. When I picked up my folks from the airport, they walked down the runway from the plane hand-in-hand. It was the first time in my 18 years that I'd seen them hold hands. In that moment, I knew life was different.

In these past 21 years of his sobriety, my dad has taught me so much about humility, accepting responsibility, forgiveness, and what love truly means. He is now in early-stage Alzheimer's and the one thing he remembers without a hitch is how much my mother means to him. He lives to make her happy. He is my hero.” — Bernadette S.

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