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Artist Bio: Anthony Conley

Posted by Lovepop Team on

At Lovepop, we are committed to collaborating with talented and diverse artists to create authentic and representative products for every individual, relationship, and occasion. Anthony Conley is a freelance artist and illustrator currently residing in Paris, France with his family.

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Lovepop’s effort to solve the N95 shortage

Posted by Lovepop Team on

Just days after the magnitude of the domestic shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) became apparent, the Lovepop team jumped in headfirst to see how we could help. We captured our efforts in a recent blog post, and every day we continue to make progress towards helping the heroes on the front line. Through our journey, we discovered an underlying structural material shortage that has caused much of the global shortage of N95 respirators. As a team, we have chosen to help with some of the structural problems that lead to our current shortages. This project we now embark on is crucial...

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