The Story Behind the Heart Tree Pop Up Card

The Story Behind the Heart Tree Pop Up Card

The Heart Tree is a hit!

Heart Tree Pop up Card

The Heart Tree has been one of our most popular new designs this year. Although, designer Kinsco was unsure whether or not the Heart Tree would be a success once it was launched.

During the design process of her first fully independent design, Kincso felt the pressure to make a special, universal card.

When asked about the process, Kinsco said, “It had its ups and downs. On the one hand, it felt great to be able to design something from scratch, starting with concept sketches that were entirely my own.

On the other hand, it was daunting to have the freedom to make the card anything and everything that I had wanted it to be. Ultimately, I had to face my fear of having a personal aesthetic that might not align with the expectations of my supervisors. Luckily, that has turned out not to be the case!”

The day of launch was just another typical day for Kincso despite all of what led up to it. After the email was sent out to officially announce its release, the wait was on!

“To be honest, I'd tried not to think about it.

It wasn't until I accidentally overheard that it was sold out that my spirits lifted.”

As a team, we’re super happy and proud she kept grinding and ultimately created an awesome card that people loved.

But still, why a Heart Tree?!

In her own words, “Trees tend to symbolize interconnectedness, growth, strength, and even immortality, it's only natural that with minor tweaks, such as heart foliage, a miniature tree can be used to tell someone that they actively contribute to your ability to grow and thrive. Trees have always provided nourishment and protection to living things. Whether you're telling someone that they are a tree in your life or that you want to be a tree in theirs, it is the ultimate compliment.”

In the end, Kincso achieved her goal of creating a universal card. When asked who she would give the card -- you could see its universal appeal. “It is the perfect card for my closest friends, namely Cat, Rose, and Eric. It isn't too sappy, yet it clearly communicates a recognition and enjoyment of the qualities of the recipient. Whereas romantic love can be rather hefty and even static, the love and gratitude I have for my friends is lively and carefree like a living tree.”

We can’t wait to see what Kincso will come up with next!

Stay tuned for more design stories in the future -- let us know which card you would like to learn more about next time! First, though, be sure to get your hands on the Heart Tree pop up, which can be used for a variety of occasions, but is perfect for Mom on Mother’s Day or your loved one on your anniversary.

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I love these cards! Gave to grandkids and they loved them!


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