24 Ways to Support a Loved One on Their First Mother's Day Without Mom

Losing a mother is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences many people will ever have. But, the first Mother's Day after the loss of your mother can bring all those emotions back – and the sensation may come in waves for days or weeks surrounding the holiday.

Suddenly, you don't have anyone to call or send a card to; all of the things you want to say thank you for, all of the funny stories you want to share, and the questions you have to ask.

If you have a friend who has experienced this heartache, you know it hurts, but knowing what to say about it is challenging. But that's why being there for a loved one who has lost their mother is so deeply valuable. Whether you can sit with them while they cry, listen as they reminisce, or provide a welcome distraction from their sorrow, you have the power to help create meaning & add peace and connection to an otherwise lonely day.

This article provides ideas & messages to share with a friend spending their first Mother's Day without mom this year. Even if you feel like what you have to offer isn't enough, it's still worth offering your love, support, and friendship—and a beautiful sympathy card or pop-up flower bouquet can sweeten your thoughtful gestures & kind words.  

Ideas for Supporting Your Loved One Through Their First Mother's Day Without Mom

One way to support a loved one through their first Mother's Day without their mom is by helping them make a new memory or do something that reminds them of her. 

You may feel nervous about recommending one of these ideas, but your friend will likely respect your suggestion—and appreciate your effort. Grief makes it difficult to know how to honor our loved ones who have passed on, but having friends to help us can ensure that we don't miss out on valuable opportunities to remember the ones we loved most. 

Read this list of ideas together and choose one or two ideas to help you create new memories together this Mother's Day. 

  • Donate in her name to a charity she supported—or would have. One way to carry on a mother's legacy is by helping a nonprofit or other cause she always championed. Donate your money or time, along with a unique pop-up Thinking of You bundle. You can also write a note to tell them why you donated in her memory. 

  • Plant her favorite tree or plant for her. Did she love roses, gardenias, azaleas, or weeping willow trees? Plant something that will bloom and grow for years to remind your loved one of their mom. 

  • Do something she loved to do; try one of her favorite hobbies. A fabulous way to connect with your mother after she has passed on is by trying something that brought her joy—it helps bring a newfound sense of connection, which is a true gift after her loss. Try something new with your loved one to remind them of their mom. 

  • Relive a favorite memory. Sit together over a meal or a beautiful natural view and remember sweet times with your friend's mom. Tell stories until you laugh or cry. (Or both.)

  • Cook their favorite meal or dessert that mom used to make. It may be too soon for them to try cooking their favorite meal from their mother's kitchen, but it may not be too soon to eat it. What a gift to give for Mother's Day—their favorite homemade meal their mom always made.

  • Take flowers to someone she loved dearly. Connecting with someone their mom adored can bring a more profound sense of connection to both parties; bring a beautiful bouquet in memory of your friend's mother. If you want the flowers to last forever, we recommend a cherry blossom butterfly pop-up bouquet or a paper lavender bunch

  • Write a story, poem, or journal entry for her and read it aloud. Gather a small group of family or friends to share a piece of writing in mom's memory. 

  • Display her handwriting. Speaking of writing, there are many ways to display mom's handwriting. Frame a sentimental note, card, or even a grocery list to show & think of her. 

Gifts for Supporting a Loved One on the First Mother's Day Without Their Mom 

The first Mother's Day without your mom can feel heartbreaking & lonely, so making new memories or giving a gift to your loved one who has lost their mother is paramount. It's helpful for healing but also creates a connection on this holiday that finds them grieving such a profound loss. 

Human connection is key in the progression of the grief process. Gifts that remind your loved one you are thinking of them as they are missing their mother are invaluable. These gifts will likely bring your friend a smile and a few tears as they reflect on their mom this Mother's Day.

  • A nice framed photo of them together. If they have a favorite photograph with their mother, find a perfect frame for it in time for Mother's Day. Feeling that their mom is present—even in the slightest way—will be a precious gift. 

  • A Lovepop flower bouquet. A Lovepop flower bouquet is bound to help your loved one smile. Beautiful pop-up flowers in various colors and styles will last for many months in memory of your loved one's mother. 

  • Wind chimes. There's something about sitting outside and feeling like a deceased loved one is near when the breeze blows, a cardinals land on the bird feeder, or the sun begins to set in the distance. Wind chimes can deepen this link, especially if their mother was a gardener or enjoyed being outside. You can even have them engraved in someone's memory. 

  • Personalized cutting board with one of mom's fave recipes. Many people have countless memories of their mother in the kitchen cooking a favorite meal; a cutting board with an engraved recipe is a precious gift to display in the kitchen. 

  • Memorial garden stones. Give a customized memorial garden stone to remind them of their beautiful mother. For an extra-special touch, engrave a memorial stone with a photo, quote, or their mother's name. 

  • A beautiful card reminding them of their strength & resilience. Remind them that they are strong and resilient with a stunning sympathy card or pop-up butterfly bundle, reminding them they have what it takes to continue & see brighter days ahead. (But also that it's ok to feel exactly how they feel in the moment.) 

  • A piece of art that can help them remember their mom. Maybe their mom loved a particular artist or art form; perhaps she was known for her love of a specific animal, flower, or setting. A piece of artwork depicting their mom's favorite can help ease the pain & give them something beautiful to remember her by. 

  • Sentimental jewelry. Another gift to personalize in countless ways is sentimental jewelry. Some lovely ideas include a ring featuring their mother's birthstone and their own, a heart or angel wing engraved with their mother's initials, or a handmade memorial bracelet or necklace. 

Messages for a Loved One on the First Mother's Day Without Their Mom 

The first step is deciding how to show your support to a friend or family member on their first Mother's Day without their mom. Of course, your actions can speak louder than words, but if you want to share encouraging words, you need a message that will express your sympathy and lift your loved one’s spirits. So what messages can you share with a friend on their first Mother's Day without mom? 

It's vital to be considerate of their loss and thoughtful in your message. Saying something along these lines can express your sympathy and love for your loved one as they spend their first Mother's Day without their mom. We recommend sharing a special memory & saying their mom's name aloud—something few people have probably done lately. 

  • I'm thinking of you today & remembering your mom. Do you remember the time we all [fill in the blank]? That was such a fun time! 

  • Your mom always loved saying, "[fill in the blank]!" I can still hear her say it, and I laugh every time. I am thinking of you today & every day, sweet friend. 

  • I'm holding you in my heart today; I will always be here for you. 

  • I miss your mom so much. I love you! 

  • I know you miss your mom so much—my deepest condolences to you and your family this Mother's Day. 

  • You shared an incredible bond with your mother, and I am so sorry for your loss. 

  • Your mom would be incredibly proud to see you right now; I hope you feel her spirit near you today. 

  • I'm reflecting on the memories I shared with your beautiful mom & praying for your comfort today. All of my love to you, dear friend. 

The first Mother's Day without your mom can be painful and lonely – but having dear friends to support you through it can be a lifesaver. 

Your friend is fortunate to have you to walk beside them on their first Mother's Day without mom—to support them with your time, gifts, and words. Your heartfelt gestures & thoughtful words inside a beautiful sympathy card or bouquet from Lovepop will mean the world.

We wish you a Happy Mother's Day from our hearts to yours.

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