Spring Activities: 21+ Ways to Ring in the Spring

Spring Activities: 21+ Ways to Ring in the Spring

It's that time of year: The days get longer, and the nights shorter. The sun shines brighter, and the birds' songs sound longer & prettier than ever before. 

That can only mean one thing–it's spring! Blooming flowers, fresh produce, refreshing breezes, the sun's warmth (and vitamin D), and a boost of serotonin give you a pep in your step and renewed energy for the days ahead. 

Feeling great boosts your productivity, creativity, and joy. So, it's no surprise that you're looking for spring activities or other fun ways to celebrate this sunny season. 

Whether you feel like gathering with loved ones, growing something beautiful, getting crafty, or giving a special gift, you can't go wrong. This article will help you come up with some fun ideas to celebrate and spread love & sunshine this spring. 

Why Celebrate Spring? 

Why is spring such a big deal anyway? Many religions, cultures, and communities around the globe celebrate because it's a significant transition in the year—from shorter days to longer ones, from cold to warmth, and from a hushed season of rest to vibrancy & animation. 

Since everyone experiences the glorious end of winter, people worldwide recognize and feel the energy shift in mid-March. And they love to celebrate in different ways. That's why celebrating spring unites earth's cultures and communities with joy, play, and new growth-inspired traditions. 

Some of the most notorious spring celebrations include the pagan festival called Ostara, India's colorful Holi festival, the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, tomb sweeping and honoring the dead in China and Japan, respectively, and Easter in Christian communities. Each of these celebrations honors the past while celebrating the coming of a bright future. 

When Does Spring Begin? 

The vernal equinox, the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, is when it is dark and light for the same length of time during the day—twelve hours each. The equinox typically falls around March 19th, 20th, or 21st. 

Many of the world's spring celebrations and rituals create room for new life & possibilities. Making plans for your spring celebrations and practices is the best way to ensure you make the most of the magical new season. 

The Symbolic Meaning of Spring

In the spring, the natural world seems to awaken & return to life—literally and figuratively. Babies are born in nature, plants blossom with new life, and people everywhere seem lively and excited to see sunshine & prettier days. 

It's a season of reanimation and a time for new beginnings. It's also a symbol of birth and fertility, which is why bunnies, eggs, and baby chicks are well-known symbols of springtime holidays and celebrations. 

Many of the fun spring activities you love go hand-in-hand with this springtime symbolism. 

Spring Activities 

The spring sunshine brings a rush of happy hormones and makes you want to get outside, create something new, and have fun. Whether you're celebrating with kids or without, there are many fun activities to celebrate this spring. 

We’ve compiled some of the best spring activities for kids and adults to help you decide how to celebrate this year. 

Spring Activities for Kids

Every occasion is a reason to celebrate with little ones, whether it's a new season, holiday, or random Monday in April. You can help kids create rituals they will honor each spring, probably well into adulthood. 

Many spring activities can help kids embrace the sunshine & growth of the season while building your relationship with them. Here are a few of our favorite spring activities for kids. 

  1. Take a walk in nature. Being outside is peaceful, helps to calm the nervous system, and makes everyone feel good. Explore a new path through the woods, a local flower garden, or even a walk around your neighborhood to watch the birds. Take photos or draw pictures of your favorite creatures & flowers along the way. 

  2. Clean up the neighborhood. Spring is a time of hope & renewal. Share your hope and love for your community by cleaning up trash alongside the road. Teach your kiddos to honor the earth & their neighborhood by taking care of it. 

  3. Draw with sidewalk chalk. A tub of sidewalk chalk is the perfect spring activity, and kids love it! They can draw flowers, doodle their names, or write a message to a neighbor. What a fun way to get outside & welcome the season! 

  4. Plant flowers or trees together. Plant some flowers together—in pots or your flowerbeds. Kids love to help pick out new flowers, learn how to plant them, and make their yards or neighborhood prettier. 

  5. Make a spring craft. Pull out the tissue paper, paint, and pipe cleaners, then choose a cute art project together on Pinterest. Or paint rocks with positive messages and hide them (in plain sight) around your neighborhood to brighten your neighbors' days. Lovepop’s Playpop Explorers Hoppy Bunch toys are also perfect for a cute craft or springtime play. 

  6. Read (or write) a book about spring. Head to the library or a local bookshop and pick a book about spring to read together. Spread a quilt in your yard or snuggle up on the sofa together to read. If you want to get creative, write a book together about your spring traditions on construction paper—or use Canva, Storybird, or Flipsnack to create a digital book to save & enjoy for years to come.

  7. Build a birdhouse. Dust off your carpentry skills, and help your kiddo design and build a birdhouse for the yard. The neighborhood birds will be so grateful, and it'll be a fun bonding experience. Teach your child to feed the birds and recognize native species. 

  8. Play in the rain. April showers bring May flowers—and lots of sweet memories too! Little ones love "muddy puddles," and when you say yes to letting them splash in their rain boots. Make the most of those rainy spring afternoons by playing together. If the sun is out, be sure to watch for rainbows. 

Spring Activities for Adults

If you're wondering how to celebrate the first day of spring, there are many fun spring activities for adults. Creating joyful traditions and rituals can make your life feel rich and meaningful. 

In addition, spring traditions help physically & mentally create space for new growth & joy.

  1. Get your "Spring Clean" on. Spring cleaning doesn't have to be just a chore. Taking the time to remove things you don't love or use helps you feel calmer and gives you less to manage. Cleaning out the old stuff also makes room for new experiences, hobbies, joy, and relaxation. In addition, you can donate, sell, or gift any extra toys, clothes, jewelry, or other items you haven't used for a while. You can help fulfill someone else's needs when you let go of what you no longer have room for.

  2. Go to the farmer's market. The farmer's market is excellent for enjoying the beautiful spring weather and supporting local businesses. Find fresh foods to fuel you for the spring season & enjoy the time out and about in your community. 

  3. Decorate your backyard. Liven things up at home by adding new patio furniture—or giving your old set a good scrub or fresh coat of paint. Hang string lights in the backyard, add a fire pit for roasting marshmallows on cool spring evenings, and enjoy the springtime in your own outdoor space.

  4. Throw a Spring Equinox party. The beginning of spring is a great reason to celebrate with friends. Invite some friends by sending adorable flowerpot pop-up notecards for an afternoon garden party, a bonfire on a cool evening, or a leisurely wine & charcuterie dinner. Share your intentions for growth in the coming months, or plan to take a trip or learn something new together.

  5. Relax for a whole day. Embrace the rejuvenation of spring by taking time to relax—in bed with a good book, at a peaceful spa, or wherever your heart feels happiest. 

  6. Experiment with spring-themed art. Creativity is a perfect way to usher in a new season. Try your hand at designing a spring wreath, an embroidered wall hanging, or pretty little mason jar gifts for your friends. If you make something for your friends, add a beautiful floral pop-up card and remind them how grateful you are for another sweet season of their friendship. 

  7. Eat dinner outside with friends. Enjoy an al fresco meal at a fun restaurant, or decorate your patio and invite your friends for a spring soiree and homemade dinner. Soak in the fresh air and refreshing conversation.  

  8. Something new you've always wanted to do. Say hello to spring by trying something you've always wanted to do. Visit a new hiking trail, drive a couple of hours to a zoo or park you've never been to, or learn to cook a new dish. The possibilities are endless! 

Spring Gifts

Another fun way to celebrate springtime is by giving your friends and family thoughtful gifts. Springtime is an excellent reminder that a new season filled with hope and life has come. 

Sending a thoughtful gift, card, or note can brighten someone's day—and yours too! Nothing feels better than brightening the day of someone you love. 

Shop Lovepo’s Spring cards now!

Spring Cards & Flower Gifts

One of our favorite ways to celebrate spring is by sending a cute pop-up card or bouquet that your partner, family members, or BFFs can enjoy for months to come. 

Send some springtime joy with these thoughtful card & flower gifts. 

  1. Butterfly pop-up cards. Most butterflies come out in the late summer, but they are a perfect symbol of spring because of the beauty & transformation they represent. A watercolor roses & butterflies pop-up bouquet or spring lavender bicycle pop-up card are two of our newest designs that will make your loved ones' hearts flutter. 

  2. A flower bouquet delivery. It's exciting to receive a fresh flower delivery, so brighten your friend's day with a fragrant reminder of spring. Support a small local flower shop or a sustainable delivery service such as Urban Stems, Farmgirl Flowers, or Bouqs. Want the flowers to last a little longer? Choose one of these handmade paper flower bouquets.

  3. Tulipsthe springiest flowers of all. Nothing says Happy Spring quite like these legends of springtime, whether you gift a bouquet of live tulips or a pop-up bouquet. White tulips, a colorful tulip bouquet, or a grand bouquet featuring tulips are all beautiful gifts to wish a friend or loved one a happy spring. Looking for something a little smaller? Stock up on tiny tulip Stickerpop bouquets that your friends & fam can enjoy on a desk, dresser, or shelf. 

  4. A houseplant, hanging plant, or succulent. Another charming gift is a plant that your friend or family can enjoy for months to come—especially if they're garden-savvy! However, if they don't have a green thumb, a pop-up paper houseplant bouquet and a thoughtful handwritten note can be low-maintenance and still super meaningful. 

  5. A pretty pop-up card & bouquet bundle. Need help deciding between a card or a bouquet? Thankfully, you don't have to choose—send a sunny bundle to your loved one to commemorate the start of Spring. A cherry blossom & lily bloom bundle, a watercolor rose & hummingbird bundle, or six pink paper roses & monarch butterfly bundle are all beautiful gifts to share your love and springtime joy. 

Spring Messages & Sayings

So, when you've found the prettiest spring card to give to a loved one, what should you write inside? These are a few of our favorite messages & sayings for your coworkers, friends, and family on various spring occasions—or Happy Spring.

  1. May your spring days be filled with sunshine & joy! Happy Spring! 

  2. I hope this season brings new life, warmth, and sunny days your way. Lots of love! 

  3. If life is a garden, you are one of its most stunning flowers. Thanks for being such a dear friend. 

  4. April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers bring you a smile. Happy Spring! 

  5. You make it feel like spring all year long. Thanks for adding sunshine to every season. 

  6. Seeing you bloom like the flowers in spring makes my heart happy! I hope this season brings lots of beautiful things your way. 

  7. The new life of spring reminds me that new beginnings can be purely magical. Good luck with your new beginning! 

  8. I'm thinking of you & hoping the spring sunshine brings new joy during a difficult time. Happy Spring, sweet friend! 

  9. This lovely season always reminds me of the way you add life & light to the world around you. I'm so lucky to call you my friend & coworker.

Celebrating the beginning of spring can be a fun & magical way to create space in your life and connect with the ones you love most. There are many activities, gifts, and cards that you can give to your loved ones to welcome the sunny new season. 

If you want to spread the love to someone special this spring, a spring-themed pop-up card from Lovepop is a sweet way to say Happy Spring! We wish you lots of love & sunshine this spring—and always.
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