September 21st is World Gratitude Day!

September 21st is World Gratitude Day!

World Gratitude Day
September 21st is #WorldGratitudeDay! Gratitude turns what we have into enough. Take a moment today to stop and count your blessings. Do the same thing tomorrow, the next day, and the next!

Gratitude becomes even stronger when it's shared. Whether it's those close to you or total strangers, with the busyness of day-to-day life, we can often forget to remember to give our thanks to those who deserve it.

If you don't know where to start: we made a list. Consider this a small reminder of all the people you might see or communicate with in everyday life. While every person on here might not resonate with you, we hope you'll find at least one that you'd like to thank on this special day!

  • The person who held the door open for you today
  • The barista who made your coffee this morning
  • Your adorable dog who loves working from home with you
  • The postman who makes sure your nighttime impulse purchases arrive safely at your door
  • Your close friends for never failing to make you laugh
  • The subway driver
  • The cheery security guard in your apartment building
  • Your favorite poet for somehow relating to you without knowing you
  • Your virtual yoga instructor for helping you feel like a fitness guru
  • Your coworkers
  • Your congressperson and senators
  • Your personal trainer—or the front desk team at your gym
  • Your local volunteer organizations
  • The Lyft/Uber driver who made friendly conversation with you
  • Those who protect our country
  • Your roommate for doing your dishes without even being asked
  • Your cat for the way she sits on your laptop while you're working
  • Your childhood best friend who stayed friends with you through your awkward phase
  • The friend who made conversation with you on your first day of classes
  • Doctors and nurses working around the clock to make sure everyone they come in contact with is healthy and well taken care of
  • Custodial staff
  • Your local pharmacist
  • Your police department
  • Your babysitter
  • The employee at the bookstore who introduced you to your new favorite book
  • The food delivery employee who without judgment delivered food to your house twice in the same day
  • The chef at your favorite local restaurant
  • Your lawn care pro
  • Your favorite musician for writing your favorite song
  • Your manager
  • The members of your extended family
  • Your real estate agent
  • Firefighters for their continued bravery
  • Your high school English teacher for inspiring you
  • The bus driver who saw you running to the stop and waited for you
  • Your wedding planner—especially when things had to be rescheduled
  • Your local librarian for her kindness
  • The mechanic who helped fix your car
  • The person who saved your computer after your drink bottle leaked in your bag
  • The new friend you were introduced to via zoom
  • The hairdresser who didn't cut off too much of your hair
  • Your pen pal
  • The person who returned your wallet that they found in the park
  • Your veterinarian
  • Your prayer group
  • Your priest
  • Your financial advisor
  • The person who gave up their seat on a subway
  • The members of your local council
  • The volunteers at your local animal shelter
  • Your partner
  • Your mentor
  • The taxi driver who got you to the airport in the nick of time
  • Your virtual book club
  • Your favorite professor
  • The author of your favorite novel
  • Yourself, for the amazing being that you are, for everything you've overcome and for the light you radiate in people's lives!
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