Personalized Valentine's Gifts: Top 5 Ways to Make it Special

Whether you love to celebrate love or you're just in it for the chocolate, Valentine's Day is a memorable & treat-filled holiday for many couples worldwide.

How can you make it meaningful for your loved ones? There are many ways, but one of our favorites is sending or delivering personalized Valentine's Day gifts—and cards, too!

That may sound good, but practically speaking, you're probably wondering what the best personalized Valentine's gifts for him are. What about personalized Valentine's gifts for her?

It's your lucky day! This article will help you find the perfect words for a heartfelt Valentine's Day message, the most adorable Valentine's Day gift & greeting card bundles, enchanting bouquets, greeting cards, and more. We can't wait to help you celebrate Valentine's Day in sweetness & style with our personalized Valentine's gifts.

1. Custom Greeting Cards for a Heartfelt Message

Disney's Stitch Rockin' Valentine Pop-Up Card

Personalized greeting cards are important because they allow you to share your thoughts and feelings, not just the poetry of a random greeting card writer.

The ones you love want to know how you feel, and your words—or even a quote you can relate to—can communicate that better than a generic greeting card message.

Here are a few tips for making your message special: 

  1. Consider what words will mean the most to your significant other. Whether your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, best friend, crush or whomever—consider sharing the words you know will mean the most to them. 
  2. Reaffirm your relationship and the depth of your feelings for your S.O. This card will remind them of your steadfast love, even in rocky moments. The written words you give really matter; they can help sustain your relationship. 
  3. Share a sweet message about why they mean so much to you. It can be something cute like, "You are my best friend & the best kisser." Or, you could write, "Saying yes to you was my best 'yes,' and I promise I'll always be here for you."

No matter what you say, your words mean so much to your loved one on Valentine's Day. These examples of thoughtful messages may help you determine what you'd like to say: 

  • Our love story is my favorite because...
  • I can't imagine life without you by my side. I've never loved anyone else the way I love you! 
  • I love you more than coffee—and that's saying something! 
  • When you know, you know. You are definitely The One for me. 
  • The best moments in life are better with you. I can't wait for the many beautiful memories ahead of us.

2. Personalized Valentine's Day Packs

Stranger Things Demogorgon Valentine Bundle

A Lovepop personalized gift bundle is a convenient and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. It includes a beautiful pop-up card and a pop-up paper bouquet to display (and enjoy!) for many months to come.

Pop-up roses don't wilt within a week or two, so they can be appreciated—and complimented by her coworkers and friends—even longer! Personalized Valentine's Day gift packs are indeed a win-win! Your unique gift purchase will last longer than many traditional Valentine's gifts.

Gift bundles can include the following (and more!):

  • Favorite movie or TV characters.
  • A bouquet of red roses complete with baby's breath.
  • Even a pop-up Valentine's Day wreath.

When you browse the gift bundle collection to find the perfect one, you want to consider which card will mean the most to your special someone.

Will it make him laugh? Then go for it! 

Will it make her feel appreciated? Then that's the one! 

Will it be the perfect card to write your feelings for them in? Excellent!

3. Enchanting Bouquets with a Personal Touch

Handcrafted Paper Flowers: Pink & Yellow Roses (6 Stems)

Another favorite from Lovepop is our collection of personalized Valentines gifts in the form of enchanting pop-up flower bouquets. Do you want to woo and amaze this Valentine's Day? A pop-up bouquet is 100% the way to go!

Choose from pre-made pop-up bouquets (in over a dozen styles) and handcrafted paper flowers, which you can arrange to create a perfect Valentine's Day bouquet.

They aren't your grandma's flowers, that's for sure. But that's a plus considering how long they last, how beautiful they are to display, and how much your loved one will enjoy their unique & long-lasting flower arrangement this year for Valentine's Day!

4. Memorable Valentine's Day Greeting Cards

You're The Beary Best' Plushpop Card

What difference can a personalized Valentine's Day card make? It's all about the memory! A card is the one part of the gift most likely to be kept for years, especially if it's a unique & artsy pop-up card from Lovepop.

What should you write inside a Valentine's Day card? We shared a few suggestions for messages at the beginning of this article, but here are a few more in case you're still trying to decide: 

  • I fall for you more every single day! 
  • You're always my favorite notification. 
  • No, seriously... I love YOU more! 
  • I'd still swipe right on you. :) 
  • Let's spend the rest of our lives together—trying to figure out WTH to watch on Netflix! 
  • I had forgotten what butterflies felt like until I met you. Thanks for reminding me.

How else can you make a Valentine's Day card memorable? Here are some suggestions that we've found to be helpful: 

  • Give a unique cardlike a Lovepop pop-up card—that makes a statement while expressing your love. 
  • You can also include a memorable photo with the card. For example, you could include a photograph from your first date, risque boudoir photos you had taken for the occasion, or any other meaningful photos.
  • A gift card tucked inside your card can add a fun surprise element. You can add a gift card to your Lovepop card when you click "Personalize & Send" on any product page.

You don't have to take our word for it! Explore our Valentine's Day greeting cards collection to find the perfect card to personalize for your boo.

5. Personalized Gifts for Him and Her

Of course, different personalized Valentine's gifts are appropriate for guys and gals. We will share some of our favorites to help you get an idea of the most meaningful customized gifts.

So, which Valentine's Day gifts will he love?

  • Make him breakfast (or take him out) and surprise him with a pop-up card saying, "I like you a waffle lot." This one would be cute for your husband, boyfriend, or even your crush.
  • A personalized photo book of your favorite photos & captions of your favorite memories together 
  • A custom canvas from Lime & Lou with lyrics to their favorite song 
  • A customized star map from ModernMap Art, showing the sky on the night you met, your wedding day, or another special date for you both. 
  • A new fragrance—or a new bottle of their favorite!

Like You a Waffle-Lot Pop-Up Card

And what are the best Valentine's Day gifts for her?

  • Lovepop's Valentine's Day cards for her are an excellent choice if you want to share your message uniquely and thoughtfully. 
  • A jewelry dish or ring holder to place her everyday items on at the end of the day 
  • A new plant is a thoughtful gift if she has a green thumb. Include a rose and butterfly pop-up card to share a kind note. 
  • Slippers & a new book are practical gifts to encourage self-care and relaxation. 
  • Jewelry and other accessories, from lab-grown diamonds from Brilliant Earth to statement earrings from Ink & Alloy, make memorable Valentine's gifts for her. 
  • Remember a unique chocolate bar from companies like Seattle Chocolate or Raaka Chocolate.

Whether you're choosing for him or her, there are many excellent and adorable gifts & cards to choose from!


Love Rose & Butterflies Pop-Up Card

So, let's recap! Our favorite ways to make Valentine's Day special include:

  • Custom greeting cards.
  • Personalized Valentine's Day packs.
  • Enchanting bouquets.
  • Memorable greeting cards.
  • Personalized gifts (for him and her).

Lovepop's personalized gifts are unique, thoughtful, and perfect for anyone looking for the best personalized Valentine's Day gifts online.

Choosing unique & thoughtful gifts is the sweetest way to make Valentine's Day memorable for the one you love. You are creating precious memories for them—in the form of a gift and the experience of receiving and opening something so special.

Shop the entire Valentine's Day collection today for the most customizable, adorable, and long-lasting Valentine's Day bouquets, greeting cards, and gift bundles around. You'll be so glad you did—but, even more importantly, so will your Valentine!

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