Personalized Birthday Cards with a Custom Photo & Message

How do you make someone you love feel like they're the center of the universe—especially yours—on their birthday?

The perfect birthday card can feel out of reach when you've looked at every card at the store, and none have the right message. Enter custom birthday cards—the ideal opportunity to express gratitude for your loved one.

A personalized birthday card demonstrates thoughtful planning and is tailored to your unique relationship with the birthday honoree. By adding a photo, writing a message, or sending an e-gift card, you can surprise & delight them with loving, customized birthday cards.

3 Ways to Personalize Your Birthday Cards

1. Add a Photo

Do you know that heartwarming feeling when you see a picture of yourself with your BFF, parents, or partner—that instantaneous happiness and all the warm fuzzies, right? Sending personalized birthday cards with photos can help you spread that loving feeling. 

2. Write Your Message 

Here you can share your inside jokes, treasured memories, and genuine well wishes for the year ahead. Of course, you've been writing notes inside traditional greeting cards forever, but now you can send a message inside custom birthday cards online. 

3. Send an eGift Card

Make all the fuzzy feelings and endearing memories even better with an extra special gift. Adding an eGift card to a custom birthday card is the cherry on top of the thoughtful card they're getting for their big day this year.

Personalized Birthday Cards

Lovepop offers dozens of personalized birthday cards online. Our cards can be delivered to you or scheduled to be sent to the recipient just in time for their special day. We offer beautiful pop-up bouquets, hilarious custom birthday cards—and pretty much any other birthday theme you can imagine. Seriously, take a look at our birthday card collection for yourself!

Browse All Lovepop Birthday Cards

You'll think you've found your favorite, but there's an excellent chance you'll find a new favorite birthday card on every page as you browse our options. You can't go wrong with any of them!

Giant Custom Birthday Cards

A custom birthday card is the ultimate expression of your tremendous love for your beloved friend or family member. Thanks to Lovepop, you can go big & share an extra measure of birthday celebration.

Lovepop offers a wide selection of large pop-up balloon bouquets, a surprisingly long birthday card, grand flower bouquets, and other giant customizable cards & gifts.

Why Should You Send Custom Birthday Cards?

Sending custom birthday cards ensures your loved ones feel seen, appreciated, and loved. Finding a thoughtful message from a loved one in your mailbox can turn your frown upside down on the gloomiest day—and brighten the cheeriest even more.

I cherish our memories. You mean everything to me. You deserve all the good things your heart desires. When sending a personalized birthday card online, you can express these sentiments by sending a little something extra.

A custom card can help you deliver this joy across the miles with an extra token of love: a favorite memory in photo form, a sincere message, or an eGift card for use at one of their favorite stores or restaurants.

What Should You Write in Personalized Birthday Cards? 

When personalizing a birthday card you should write a heartfelt hello, meaningful message, and birthday wishes for a wonderful year ahead.

Everyone gets writer's block sometimes! The best messages come from the heart, but finding the right words can take time and effort. You know how you feel, but how do you convey those emotions? 

  • A heartfelt hello. Make your loved one smile with a personal, sincere greeting from the get-go. 
  • Meaningful message. Has it been a while since you've seen each other or talked? Mention how you've missed them. Is humor the sustaining force of your friendship? Share a joke to say hi. Don't be afraid to express your emotions! 
  • Happy birthday wishes, of course. Remind them you're so thankful they were born & how much you love celebrating them.

And remember: you don't have to be Shakespeare to speak from the heart—short & sweet can be meaningful. Get more inspiration for that perfect birthday message here.

118 Birthday Quotes to Celebrate Everyone’s Special Day

Can Lovepop Ship Customized Cards Directly? 

Yes, Lovepop can ship customized cards directly to their mailbox! Select any pop-up bouquet or birthday card on our website and turn it into a custom birthday card by selecting Personalize & Send when adding it to your cart.

Include your choice of a special photo, personalized message, or gift card to your customized birthday cards—add all three if you’d like.

Then, enter the recipient's address, and we will ship it straight to them. You can plan ahead to save time and schedule the card's delivery on or around a specific date. If you need to send it right away, great, and if you'd like to schedule it a month in advance, that works too!

Sending custom birthday cards from Lovepop is a perfect way to express your sincere birthday wishes, whether you want to share the love with your childhood best friend, out-of-state in-laws, or a grandparent on a special milestone birthday. The possibilities are endless!

Let Lovepop help you stay on top of scheduling & sending meaningful, customized birthday cards this year. Whether you send them near or far, a thoughtful Lovepop card will surprise—and absolutely delight—your friends & family. Happy celebrating!

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